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Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2005 at 10:27 am

Fishing for a Holiday Present

By Josh Hay
December 14th, 2005


(what’s this?)

My dad likes to fish. He is in California and I figure I could still order something to get over to him in time for the holidays. I figure that would have something to interest him.

After typing in the URL I am sent to a page that redirects me over to the site. This page had a text link that will send me to the page if I’m not redirected automatically. Suddenly I see this:


I did not come to your site to enter some contest. I want to buy something fishing related. If you wanted to offer me a contest put it somewhere on the side. This is taking up almost all of my Active Window and it looks very unprofessional. It reminds me of the pop-up ads that used to run rampant on the web. I click the “No Thank You – Close” button and finally I can see some of the top navigation. Seeing no product categories, I decide to “Amazing Deals”. I see two keyboards, and digital drums. What would a sportsman do with these items? Play his theme song? With no way to refine my search and no other navigational options on the page, I feel lost and I leave the site.

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  1. Josh, didn’t you scroll WAAAAY down to the bottom of the page? This is the “FUN TO BROWSE WEBSITE ™”

    Your goal, it seems, is to spend money. Relax! Live a little! Browse away!

    If these people wanted your money, they’d be saying “The EASY TO SHOP Web Site.”

    Have a little FUN and put your credit card back in your pocket.

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