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Thursday, Dec. 15, 2005 at 1:50 pm

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By Josh Hay
December 15th, 2005


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Living in New York has been a bit of a shock. It is cold, really cold. Coming from California, I didn’t realize what it’s like walking to the subway in twenty degree weather to get to work. I figure that a jacket would be a good gift for my sister who is coming to New York at the end of December. I decide to check out because it sounds like a good place to get something affordable and nice.

I click the Women’s icon and I get sent to a page that has a large graphic that says “Last Minute Gifts”. This sounds perfect so I click it and get sent to a page of bestsellers. Even though there is red everywhere I continue on and click on the essential belted coat.

There are a bunch of cool tools that show off the features of the coat. It’s a great looking page and they let me see the coat in each color available by just passing my mouse over the color swab. Also listed are all the materials made to manufacture the coat and its features. All this information is great, but where is the copy? Will this coat really help her brave these cold winters or is it just for show? Does the included belt have any benefits? Will she enjoy this present for its fashionable design and do different colors have specific benefits to different types of people? All these technological bells and whistles look great and get me interested in looking at the coat. The lack of persuasive copy keeps me from buying it. Even if I would have bought it there is no text reassuring me that this would have been the right gift for my sister this holiday season.

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Comments (2)

  1. While I was following along with you on the site I saw a different image (End of Season Sale image) after clicking “women”. Interesting thing about the image was the first place I clicked (on the image) wasn’t a link. All of the horizontal space where the word “season” was for some reason is not clickable??? Now that’s helpful!

  2. online shoppers are definitely more educated, they make shopping easier and are well informed

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