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FutureNow Post
Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006 at 10:43 am

Life takes Better Planning

February 22nd, 2006

Visa has just dumped their tagline of more than two decades from “It’s everywhere you want to be” to “Life takes Visa”.

As they made the move they unvealed a new mutimedia ad campaign utilizing TV, print, billboards, and of course, online ads.

At the center of the online campaign is a so called ‘viral’ site chock full of over produced video ‘snippets’ of life. These video snippets while cute and occasionally entertaining are not the stuff of viral marketing, the reasons…

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FutureNow Post
Friday, Feb. 17, 2006 at 2:12 pm

Conversion Funnel Folly, Part 1

February 17th, 2006

Would you make a radiologist responsible for all of your health care?

Of course not.

Even the world’s finest radiologist, employing x-rays, MRIs, and all sorts of complex technology, can still only spot, and occasionally diagnose, an abnormality. When it comes to treating the total patient, assessing health, or creating a regimen, radiologists are ill-equipped.

This doesn’t diminish radiologists; their role is critical. But that role is only part of the whole picture.

Optimizing an e-business is not unlike treating a patient. Each business…

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FutureNow Post
Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006 at 11:30 am

How to write better copy in 60 seconds or less…

February 16th, 2006

Ok, well maybe that’s overstating it.  Formal training is definitely a wise idea, but in the downtime between sessions, start by reading better copy on a daily basis. Take this gem, for instance:

Riding the 6 train is a lot like riding the sex train. Bodies press together. People grunt and moan. And no matter where you’re headed, you look forward to getting off.

And then there are the poles. If only hanging upside down by one foot were part of the daily…

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FutureNow Article
Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006

The Sense of Scent

February 15th, 2006

Establishing and maintaining a scent trail is essential to providing persuasive momentum

Kudos to my heroine and comrade-in-words, Holly Buchanan, who recently presented an electrifying teleseminar on persuasive online copywriting. We were reading through the impressive feedback when I came across this: “I would have liked more examples of scent.”Holly and I looked at each other (she still isn’t sure which of my eyes to gaze into), and smiled. What seems so obvious to us obviously isn’t obvious to others.

So I…

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FutureNow Article
Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006

The Cooperative Marketing Waggle

February 15th, 2006

What the honeybee’s Waggle Dance and word-of-mouth marketing have in common—and how to promote it

When we talk about scent, we’re talking about setting up a trail of relevance. And as we are all (sometimes painfully) aware, businesses aren’t the sole creators of what folks find relevant. In fact, focused on maintaining the rosy frontal view for their products and services, businesses are not always considered the most credible resources for either relevance or truth.

Read the rest of this article. Read…

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FutureNow Post
Friday, Feb. 10, 2006 at 1:34 pm

Superbowl Ads throw a Hail Mary…but is there anyone there to catch it? Part 2

February 10th, 2006

ClickZ news reports the following…

Traffic to advertiser sites spiked in the fourth quarter and continued in the hours and days following the game, according to Web services provider Akamai, which hosts more than half of the advertisers’ Web presences. The company registered a peak 782,679 visitors per minute to its client’s sites during the fourth quarter as users added the Web to their personal media mixes.

“There is a convergence between TV and the Web,” Akamai Director of Marketing Kieran Taylor…

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FutureNow Post
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2006 at 6:08 pm

Superbowl Ads throw a Hail Mary…but is there anyone there to catch it?

February 8th, 2006

Most ads are a result of marketers giving their best creative effort and throwing them out to an unsuspecting world to see if it sticks. The mother of all advertising Hail Marys is the Super Bowl ad.

Most of this year’s Super Bowl ads were entertaining, funny, and compelling. But did they get the job done? Will they return the advertisers gargantuan investment. Will their websites give us any indication of the campaign (read: not JUST the ad’s) success?

So, today I…

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FutureNow Post
Friday, Feb. 3, 2006 at 2:17 pm

10 E-Business Proverbs for 2006, Part 2

February 3rd, 2006

My last column shared the first 5 of 10 e-business proverbs from Sam Decker, former e-commerce and customer-centricity leader at Dell. Today, the second five.

Choose your results. Choosing a result means you publicly stake a flag in the ground to achieving a forecast goal. The forecast is what I call a “results rabbit”: once people commit to a result, they go after it like a greyhound chasing a rabbit.

To achieve e-business results, decide what results you’ll achieve on a daily, weekly,…

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FutureNow Post
Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006 at 9:37 pm

Science of Stupidities

February 1st, 2006

Bryan Eisenberg just sent me a link to Eric Weaver’s blog Ad-Verse.

I immediately subscribed. 

Today’s post, entitled Direct Marketing: A Science of Stupidities stole my little marketing heart.  Here is just one tasty morsel.

It’s time to stop talking about relevance and start practicing it. Time to stop intruding and start attracting. Time to spell out a clear value proposition. Stop patting yourselves on the back that your unwanted communication got maybe a 5% clickthrough rate. FIVE PERCENT. And consider, just for…

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FutureNow Article
Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006

Didn’t You Say This was on Sale?

February 1st, 2006

Breaking your promises and forcing customers to think like you makes for poor conversion practice

Sometimes you go to a website and you just know the business hasn’t got a clue. They’re doing everything so wrong, you don’t even know where to start. There are also those times you go to a site and think, on first inspection, that things look pretty good.Until you start dealing with the site’s process. In that moment you realize appearances can be deceiving. That’s why,…

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