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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006

What Visitors Find Annoying

By The Grok
February 1st, 2006

Avoid the shabby practices that drive your customers nuts – and away

Ever since the dawn of time … well, okay, March 15, 2000 … I’ve been saying “Don’t do it” when it comes to those irritating online practices that send your visitors scurrying for your competitors. I’ve told you they’ll bail on you, and that bailing once is usually the same as bailing forever. You tick off a visitor, and they don’t come back to let you do it again.

Thing is, a customer bails and it doesn’t necessarily remain a private matter between you and the individual. That disgruntled customer is just as likely to start spreading the news through all those lovely consumer-generated media venues. You know … blogs and reviews and lists.

So here we are, well and truly rooted in a media-rich market that has upended all the relationships we used to take for granted. These days, the customer is in control. And that customer is growing increasingly intolerant of shabby online experiences.

You simply can’t shrug it off. So, with help from Hostway, here are some impressive numbers that should put teeth into the stuff I’ve been telling you … ever since the dawn of time!
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