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Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2006 at 6:08 pm

Superbowl Ads throw a Hail Mary…but is there anyone there to catch it?

By Anthony Garcia
February 8th, 2006

Most ads are a result of marketers giving their best creative effort and throwing them out to an unsuspecting world to see if it sticks. The mother of all advertising Hail Marys is the Super Bowl ad.

Most of this year’s Super Bowl ads were entertaining, funny, and compelling. But did they get the job done? Will they return the advertisers gargantuan investment. Will their websites give us any indication of the campaign (read: not JUST the ad’s) success?

So, today I took some time today to give the official Future Now slant on how well companies are using their Super Bowl ad exposure to convert prospects.

Whether they are planned or not, when a company advertises they create a scenario that potential customers must traverse to reach a conversion. Some persuasive scenarios are planned and help customers convert, others not so much

Our first analysis is of the campaign.

Watch the analysis (8mb Shockwave Flash video 8:00 minutes. If you’re familiar with multi-channel marketing, please skip to the 2:20 mark)


Note: This is not a streaming video and may take a few moments to download and play in your browser.

Want to know how to do it right? See how builds cross-channel momentum in our next post.

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Comments (3)

  1. Thank you for sharing Anthony.

    It is unbelievable how large companies forget the basics of marketing. If you can’t throw or catch a football, you’re not going to play in the Super Bowl… or on a team for that matter. If you can’t match your marketing efforts, you’re not going to play with the bigger toys the money you made back from the ads could have paid for.

    I didn’t catch all of the ads but one website that caught my mind was (Diet Pepsi). It triggered the “eeeww” reaction because of the domain name. It just sounds – um – odd?! However, their Flash heavy site does continue the forward momentum in conjunction with the TV spot… it just does not explain where I can buy a Diet Pepsi or have any other offers. Decent branding site but no immediate sales.

  2. Your guide to all kinds of Lounge Chair Cushions.

  3. hello Anthony

    I am learning about advertising, how to do it successfully and with integrity. I am reading “Influence” by Cialdini. You mentioned that the firm you talked about, tested their ads. Isn’t it the best method for becoming better at anything? testing testing testing…

    Any suggestions on the best mentor- person that teaches advertising?

    Nicole Powel

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