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Friday, Feb. 10, 2006 at 1:34 pm

Superbowl Ads throw a Hail Mary…but is there anyone there to catch it? Part 2

By Anthony Garcia
February 10th, 2006

ClickZ news reports the following…

Traffic to advertiser sites spiked in the fourth quarter and continued in the hours and days following the game, according to Web services provider Akamai, which hosts more than half of the advertisers’ Web presences. The company registered a peak 782,679 visitors per minute to its client’s sites during the fourth quarter as users added the Web to their personal media mixes.

“There is a convergence between TV and the Web,” Akamai Director of Marketing Kieran Taylor told ClickZ News. “Madison Avenue has been looking for the notion of closed loop marketing. The Web delivers that. In real time, they can gauge the efficiency of an ad based on the visitors to a Web site.” Read the entire article Superbowl Viewers Swarmed to the Web

Closed loop? Effeciency of an ad? What about effeciency to top line sales? What about conversion rate effeciency? What about ROI?

As we pointed out in part one of these posts, some of the Superbowl ads generated traffic, but did they convert visitors into sales, into leads, into future prospects? suceeded in getting peoples attention, but clearly dropped the conversion ball.

So we wanted to take a look at a 2006 Superbowl advertiser that actually did a decent job planning the scenario and the scent trails that visitors must follow.

Watch our critique of’s Super Bowl campaign (4mb Shockwave Flash movie, 7 minutes)


Note: We want to thank the super folks at TechSmith, especially Betsy Weber and Travis Stoliker for their assistance in using Camtasia to create and post these flash movies. We are all big fans of SnagIt and obviously Camtasia will make any amatuer video presenter look like a pro.

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