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Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006 at 10:43 am

Life takes Better Planning

By Persuasion Architects
February 22nd, 2006

Visa has just dumped their tagline of more than two decades from “It’s everywhere you want to be” to “Life takes Visa”.

As they made the move they unvealed a new mutimedia ad campaign utilizing TV, print, billboards, and of course, online ads.

At the center of the online campaign is a so called ‘viral’ site chock full of over produced video ‘snippets’ of life. These video snippets while cute and occasionally entertaining are not the stuff of viral marketing, the reasons why are topic for an entirely different discussion. Needless to say, if they were viral, Visa did a horrific job of planning this viral online campaign, so many aspects of it simply fail.

In my most recent Grokcast, or video critique, I show you where and why their persuasive scenario falls apart.

Watch our Grockcast “Life Takes Better Planning” (Flash Move, 12mg, 13 minute)

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  1. Nice Grockcast and good points on usability.

    As a customer service consultant I wonder where they are going with this tag line as it extends beyond the brand promise delivery. They certainly do not seem concerned with issue like customer loyalty, retention and support. Your statement concerning the lack of call to action is another key point and all these issues together spell trouble for visa.

    Viral or WOM marketing requires a high level of customer loyalty in order to be effective. Loyalty is built on trust and with this new campaign they maybe building fuzzies, but the issue of earning customer trust is another issue. Viral programs to be successful require a customer centric approach.

  2. This was a great GrokCast – are there any others I can watch? I posted about it

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