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Saturday, Apr. 1, 2006

Persuasive Online Hype in Action

By The Grok
April 1st, 2006

Hype-y online copy only persuades your visitors to say goodbye

As sound-bites and sight-bites rain down like those proverbial cats and dogs (maybe worse!), folks are becoming hypersensitive to hype. Collectively, we are just not buying it.1 Yep, our bullshit meters are meticulously calibrated to ring when messaging sounds over-the-top, and we stand only too ready to believe that if it sounds (or looks) too good to be true, it probably is.Hype lives in your copy, in words that beg comparison but never get substantiated: better, best, more, most, must-have, no comparison, greatest quantity, greatest variety. It lives in numbers that never get explained.

Hype is your enemy, and hype-y copy is like “friendly fire.” Shooting yourself in the foot? Heck, it’s more like committing seppuku!

Come see what I mean.

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