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Monday, May. 15, 2006 at 5:13 pm

Different Kinds of Traffic

By Persuasion Architects
May 15th, 2006

Seth Godin blogs…

Whatever your website, I think you want better traffic, not more traffic.

You want to figure out why the right people will come, not build a sideshow that attracts exactly the wrong people.

At trade shows, there’s always a few booths with magicians, fire-eaters or bikini-clad models. And post-show, there’s no evidence at all to indicate that the noisy attractions did very much to improve the actual metrics of the booth.

So, maybe it doesn’t matter how your site does compared to a site in a different category. What matters, I think, is how your site does compared to last week or last month, and what’s happening to your conversion.  Read Seth’s entire post.

Agreed. We’ve been talking about his for quite a while.

Assuming your site’s conversion rate is on par with the industry average(around 2%) be careful not to come to the conclusion that 98-97% of the traffic is the wrong people just because they don’t convert.  Don’t  run out  willy nilly and try to find the ‘right traffic’.  Most of that good traffic might be right beneath your sniffer now.  No matter how much of the ‘right traffic’ you have, your sight has to be just as right to make sure that ‘quality’ traffic gets the information they need, the way they need it.

It’s not just quality of traffic, and like Seth points out,  it’s the quality of their experience with you and your brand.  The quality of your persuasion scenario planning is what bridges the gap between you and your traffic’s potential. 

We’ve spent a few words in some recent ClickZ articles talking about persuasion scenarios.  Start with this article, then read this, and finally this.

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