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Wednesday, Jul. 5, 2006 at 1:02 pm

Persuasion Architecture in a Job Interview

By Dave Young
July 5th, 2006

Sometimes it takes a good example from out of left field to show what Persuasion Architecture is attempting to accomplish. There’s a good article at Open Loops with advice on doing your homework before a job interview.

The basic secret is to find out WHO will be on the committee interviewing you and to know WHAT they will want to hear in the way of answers to their questions.

“This is John Williams (not his real name).  John tends to ask many data related questions.  He likes brevity.  Keep your answers short to him.  Make your point and be quiet.”  She pointed to the next circle.  “This is Mary Thomas, she’s very child-oriented.  She’s very warm and friendly and loves to talk.  Answer her questions and orient your answers to how children are affected.  Talk a lot with her; elaborate all your points.  She’s warm and fuzzy, so use many personal anecdotes.”  She continued around the table and when finished, it was like I had the playbook of an opposing football team.  I knew the type of questions they would ask.  I learned the type of answer each interviewer liked to hear.

This is Persuasion Architecture applied in a job interview setting. Our usual application is for your web site not your job interview. If you know who will be coming to your site and the types of questions you’ll need to answer, you can create a site that will talk to all of them in their preferred style and give them satisfactory answers to their buying questions.

In a job interview, you must satisfy everyone in the room…at least to the point of persuading them to hire you. If you can only convince one member of the committee, you probably won’t get the job.

On your site, you must be able to persuade/convert more than one type of customer or you’ll be stuck in the land of low single digit conversion rates. It isn’t easy, but it is very effective.

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  1. Job Interview Questions

    This is very What do you do now? All job seekers face a barrage of questions: some easy, others tricky, each oneJob Interview Questions a…

  2. My question is how can we ‘sell ourself’ – be clear and concrise..Be positive,Ask questions and end on a positive note?
    Where can we interview all this questions???



    Sanja Nikolovska

  3. Decent points, much appreciated. It’s good to see some concepts derived from interview methods.

  4. It is imperative to get complete information about your interviewer. It is essential because you can expect questions about the nature of activities of the interviewer. If it is some organization, you need to know its business interests, its performance, its position in the relevant field, the management structure, their hiring policy, their corporate behavior, etc.

  5. I agree with the OP … It’s very important to know what the interviewer “WANTS TO HEAR,” though I think this is unfair for the company and the candidate. It’ll be a one way and biased answer, therefore, the purpose of the interview (getting to know the candidate) is defeated.

  6. Great resource -thanks for making it available.

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