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Thursday, Jul. 20, 2006 at 10:09 am

Buying and Selling in a Finicky World

By Howard Kaplan
July 20th, 2006

Brian Steinberg of the Wall Street Journal has this to say…

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?” will be most instructive to the advertising crowd, of course. It’s hard to find a book about marketing that is truly appropriate for anyone but people who practice the stuff. But general readers may find something valuable here too: the latest Madison Avenue methods for getting inside their brains and massaging their decision-making logic. If the Web offers marketers new opportunities, it also allows picky consumers to become — with a feline cleverness and caution — ever more finicky.

Read the entire article (subscription required).

Brian references our book in the context of the ad agency BBDO, a poster child for the Madison Ave. glitz and glamour brand marketing philosphy. On the opposite end of the marketing philosophy spectrum you would find the direct marketing philosophy , as represented by the president of the Direct Marketing Association John A. Greco, who also reviewed our book. Seems that all ends of the marketing spectrum see value in Persuasion Architecture.

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