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Monday, Jul. 24, 2006

In Sales? At Least 9 Things You Can Learn from Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

By The Grok
July 24th, 2006

Implement strategies to improve your sales efficiency while meeting the needs of your customers

You’ve got online sales. You’ve got offline sales. To complicate matters, neither of these exists in isolation. According to a recent BIGresearch survey, 87% of the customers who research their purchases online actually buy offline!On top of that, websites and flesh-and-blood sales staff must continually field product and service questions from customers who increasingly are as, if not better, informed than they are!

How can you implement strategies to improve your sales efficiency – within and across channels – while at the same time meeting the diverse needs of your customers?

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  1. If you show clearly you are a secure site, people are more likely to buy. Trust is always a big issue.

    Offering same day delivery or next day, when people want to but something they hate waiting.

    Having a nice looking site, people will put more trust in you.

    If people start buying then word of mouth goes a long way.


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