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Wednesday, Jul. 26, 2006 at 7:23 pm

Crackvertising – Are You Addicted?

By Anthony Garcia
July 26th, 2006

Ichat_imagevvg Crackvertising  Pronounciation (krak-ver-tyzing) n. 1) The addiction to and/or business dependency on low cost traffic from Google search and other search advertising.

Signs of addiction include; needing more and more traffic to convert the same amount of sales, paying more and more for less and less traffic; and finally the advertiser’s life becomes obsessed with the next ‘fix’ of traffic. Lack of, reduction of, or fluctuation of paid  traffic results in severe withdrawal. The effect is usually a corresponding and parallel fluctuation in top line sales. The potency of the drug (traffic) declines over time, and the addict needs greater amounts to satisfy addiction.

This addiction displays all of the common trademarks associated with a dealer/addict based relationship.

  1. Dealer provides low or no barrier of entry to try product. In this case Google hosts a perpetual party where Google gives out free ‘traffic’ in the form of organic search results referrals. Once the addict experiences free traffic the addict is offered better access to traffic(impressions) and is charged when traffic shows interest in the addict by clicking on a search advertisement.
  2. Price of entry rises.  At first this charge per click is minimal, but as other addicts are willing to pay more for the same click prices rise creating financial tension for the addict as the addict struggles to buy more and more traffic.
  3. Dealer gets rich.
  4. Addict displays common love/hate attitude towards dealer.
  5. Dealer uses and develops more techniques to keep the advertiser addicted.
  6. Addict attempts manipulation of the dealer to lower cost of addiction.  This usually fails.

The Cure – Weaning a company off this addiction is not easy, takes time and is typically very painful.  To begin the road to recovery the addict must first turn their attention away from driving new traffic and towards satisfying current traffic. The first step in breaking any addiction is admitting you have a problem.  If you know of anyone who may be addicted please send them this link right away.

Etymology – "Crackvertising" is word coined by Future Now, Inc.’s Bryan Eisenberg on June, 2006 Staff Training.

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Comments (3)

  1. Now that’s funny. It’s scary how accurate that dealer/junkie analogy is.

  2. Except the dealer already is very, very rich ;)

  3. Crackvertising – Are You an Internet Marketing Addict?

    What do online advertisers and crack users have in common? Both are locked in a disastrous end game, a downward spiral leading to certain doom. I admin Im an addict.

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