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Monday, Sep. 4, 2006 at 2:07 pm

What Does Green Mean?

By Dave Young
September 4th, 2006

Trafficlight_1I posted a rant over on my own site today regarding the illogical use of ‘green’ by a petroleum company. It got me thinking about web sites.

There’s a great chapter in Call to Action about the use of color on your site and Jeffrey and Bryan are always talking about people using the wrong color for the right message. For example, which of the following statements delivers conflicting information because of the color and which delivers confirming information?

This item is in stock and is ready to ship!

This item is in stock and is ready to ship!

What other inconsistent or downright conflicting messages have you found on your own site? Those are the easiest to fix and not fixing them could be costing you a lot of money.

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  1. First of all, Green must have been used by that particular petroleum company because of several reasons. One of which may be because green symbolizes life or vitality. Of course, we all know that petroleum products are very useful in sustaining life as we use them to cook our food, as fuel, and many others. Another reason may be because green symbolizes balance. When a certain petroleum product shows balance in terms of its content, there is no other way that it cannot serve its main purpose.

    In the viewpoint of graphics designers, choice of colors to be used for a certain company or site is very important. It must be something that complements the main purpose of the business. From the artist’s point of view it should be something that could make a still picture alive and full of emotions.

    Now the dilemma between green and red. Basically, red is for ‘go’ and red is for ‘stop’ isn’t it? That’s why when something new is to be announced it is usually written in red to make any potential reader stop for awhile and take time to read the announcement. But then again, most people think that when something is written in green it means $$$ thus when a certain announcement means money, it is written not in red but in green.

    I hope my analysis finds you well.

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