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Friday, Sep. 29, 2006 at 4:07 pm

Internet Killed the Radio Star?

By Anthony Garcia
September 29th, 2006

Antique_radios_25Contrary to popular belief radio is not dying. It is, however, changing drastically.  What we are witnessing is the medium of ‘audio broadcasting’ being molded and morphed at the hands of a populice in more control of their choices.

Radio isn’t radio anymore, it is now ‘terrestrial’ radio and it sharing more of it’s audience (and revenue) with it’s offsping; internet radio, podcasting, and satellite radio. 

Even as the populice is having influence on the radio universe many broadcasting sites remain irrelevant and downright yucky. And of course ‘terrestrial’ radio is struggling to remain viable. The answer to this?


Today, consider a few terms that will help; radio personas, predictive modeling, and persuasion architecture. Combining the three allow stations to build an online presence that delivers better results.

Building a radio persona will let you create predictive marketing that gives clues to how you should build your web site with persuasion architecture. Read the entire article.

Interestingly enough, this conclusion came as a result of Bryan Eisenberg’s 2 part rant over at ClickZ about the state of satellite radio’s online efforts.  Read part one, then part two.

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