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Marketers ‘in the drivers seat’ according to Scott Brinker

Posted By Anthony Garcia On October 4, 2006 @ 12:47 pm In Conversion Rates | 2 Comments

Brinker100206_2 [1]Every once in a while you read something that makes you stop, scratch your head, scrunch up your forehead and wonder violently about the state of the internet, the country, the delicate balance of the ecosystm, and even the universe.  You wonder if  precicious gifts like life, profit, hope and common sense can stand up to the crap storm of human mental defeciencies.

No no no,  I wasn’t watching Al Gore’s new movie or reading about the war or Mid East politics, I was actually reading an Article at Ad Age [2].

The article started out innocent enough…

Historically, the most popular web-marketing metric has been traffic. How many visitors come to your website each month? How many unique, how many repeat? The web grew up with "hits" as a common denominator: The more you have, the better you are.

He continues on and brings up conversion rate as the ‘new’ measure.  Sure he is a wee bit behind the times(about 7 years by my count) but I am thinking to myself ‘at least he gets it."  Then I read this…

"Pitch mode," in contrast, funnels those who respond to an ad down an intentionally narrow path. The marketer is in the driver’s seat, crafting a presentation the user sees one screen at a time, usually in a linear sequence.

Now I have no gripe with Scott Brinker being wrong, wrong can happen to the best of us.  What troubles me is when ‘experts’ play on the fears and insecurities of vulnerable marketers who are desperately trying to improve their conversion rates and might actually start to believe that ‘pitch mode’ is an efficient means of optimization.  (Yes, despite our best efforts [3], some marketers still believe they are in control.)

But, Maybe I’m wrong, maybe marketers do have control.  Maybe this bridge [4] is for sale.  Maybe I really am tall, blonde and have a full head of hair [5].

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