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Friday, Oct. 13, 2006 at 10:31 am

The Death of the Web Page

By Anthony Garcia
October 13th, 2006

Ripwebpage_2The Web page was pronounced dead on October 9, 2006, after a long bought with chronic irrelevance. A large group of marketers attempted CPR and other heroic resuscitation techniques. Witnesses present at the scene told reporters that despite a few minutes of chaos, the Web page’s last moments were largely serene and peaceful.

"She was a quiet and powerful beast, and she died doing what she loved," states one observer.

"While Web 2.0 technologies and persuasive scenarios were certainly contributing factors, we have determined they were not the cause of death," said a spokesman for the Web page’s care provider. "She was just too irrelevant, and she never quite recovered. She just couldn’t keep pace or serve the needs of today’s marketers any longer."

Read Bryan’s Entire Article over at Clickz.

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  1. Bryan,

    Terrific post.

    Just finished reading “Cat” and have begun implementing a few of first concepts locally. So our results have been fantastic.

    Look forward to seeing you and Jeffery again soon in Austin at WOA.

    Shawn Frey

    (the brush guy)

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