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Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2006

How Who Why What

By The Grok
November 1st, 2006

In the broadest sense, persuasion is about one entity (an organization of any stripe) trying to persuade another entity (usually an individual) to do something. Take action. Satisfy the conversion goal of the site.

I get a number of emails pleading, “Grok, would you lay off the retail examples and help us long-suffering [fill in non-retail type] businesses?” To which I always reply, “Retail is an easy way to demonstrate the principles, but those principles apply across the board.” My correspondents rarely seem convinced.

My buddy Melissa Burdon, a conscientious Canadian, emailed me an interesting banner ad and appended some commentary. “Where’s the persuasion, Grok?” she griped.

It just so happens, no product or service was involved. The conversion goal this time? Sign up to support a humanitarian cause! Email the Prime Minister! End poverty NOW!

Goodie, I thought, an excellent non-retail example for me to dig into!

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