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Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006

Are You Stranding Your Long-Tail Customers?

By Melissa Burdon
November 15th, 2006

Not everyone coming to your website is in the early phases of the buying process and starting from scratch. Some of your visitors come to you with their research completed. They know what they want. They’re looking for you to deliver quickly and easily.

How do you recognize these customers? The easiest way to identify them is through the keywords and phrases they use to find you in the search engines. Look for the “long-tail” terms … the under-represented but highly targeted traces of their intentions.

With a little planning on your part, you’ll discover these individuals are often your most pain-free conversions. If you treat them properly, that is!

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  1. [...] aspiring to. It's a great way to engage long tail customers — instead of leaving them stranded — and leave them much more likely to buy. Technorati Tags: Amazon, amazon book search, amazon [...]

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Melissa is a Senior Persuasion Analyst at FutureNow.

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