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Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2006 at 9:19 am

Sorry It’s Been So Long…

By Bryan Eisenberg
December 13th, 2006

Jeff and I are headed back today from visiting our friends in Burbank, Sunnyvale and Mountain View. Many of you know we have been traveling since June, mostly related to the book tour for Waiting For Your Cat to Bark? but thankfully that is all done. We have had lots to share and I’ll give you some of the top level ones:

First off a gift for you – we have completed the Table of Contents and Index for the paperback version of Call to Action. You can download it in PDF format.

At Future Now we’ve hired a new president. We hope you get a chance to meet Sondra Stewart soon.

There has been a ton of new stuff we’ve been working on behind the scenes. You will be seeing some major enhancements to GrokDotCom (lots more content). We have a bunch of new extremely affordable products and services coming out early next year. If you are interested in reviewing some of them, we’ll be selecting a few people who may be interested; just contact us.

Many people have been wondering about our tactic behind unsubscribing people from GrokDotCom. Like many of you, we subscribe a bunch of newsletters. We realize many people don’t have the time to read every issue, so we planned a campaign that informed people over 3 months to resubscribe to continue getting their subscription by email or to get The Grok either through RSS or Podcast formats. The thinking is if you don’t engage at least once in a 3 month period then all those issues that come in, for many people, become annoying and it is an erosion in their mind of our brand. In the words of A.G. Lafley, CEO of P&G – the customer is boss and let it go – you are in control. The response to this has been phenomenal by the way.

Howard Kaplan and I will be judges in the ad:tech awards recognizing the talented designers and strategic thinkers that lead the industry, demonstrating excellence in interactive marketing. Over 30 winners can claim the limelight… Make sure it’s you! Visit for more information.

I am sure there is lots more I am missing, but we’ll be publishing more often come the New Year.

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Comments (7)

  1. Acidentally, I just picked up my copy of Call to Action about an hour ago. :)

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Welcome back – looking forward to seeing all the new stuff!

    On the index for the paperback – is there an index for the hardback edition? I have the book highlighted from start to finish. But whenever I want to find anything I end up spending ages flicking back and forth.

    An index would be a god send!

  3. Thomas, We only created the index for the paperback. We weren’t very proud of the hardcover. This edition is hugely improved.

  4. Hi Jeffrey,

    The hardcover is excellent – so many reasons to be proud!

    What a wealth of accumulated knowedge it is – will have to check out the paperback if it’s even better!

  5. The new Call to Action is very impressive and certainly represents Future Now in a different and more powerful way! I’ve bought a few copies for those who’ll truly appreciate it.

    Congratulations on your whirlwind tour of the world for Cat Barking.

  6. Wow! Have you seen the price of Persuasive Online Copywriting!


    Supply and demand in action :-)

  7. Can’t believe you guys wrote Call to Action

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Bryan Eisenberg, founder of FutureNow, is a professional marketing speaker and the co-author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling books Call to Action and Waiting For Your Cat to Bark and Always Be Testing. You can friend him on Facebook or Twitter.

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