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Friday, Feb. 2, 2007 at 3:37 am

More Profitable Online Publishing

By Bryan Eisenberg
February 2nd, 2007

Publishing’s strength has shifted from the media elite to the masses. It began in the late ’90s with sites like GeoCities. In 2005, we witnessed the explosive emergence of the blogosphere. And in 2006, video and social Web sites drew the attention.

Today, anyone with a browser and a digital camera can be a publisher.

This is hardly a groundbreaking revelation, but as our digital society evolves, publishers find themselves in seemingly new territory and asking new questions. One question from a friend who works for a major publisher got us thinking about the differences between merchandising and journalism:

In journalism, what’s the sales transaction?

To be a profitable journalist and publisher in today’s climate means overcoming the same hurdles as your counterparts in merchandising and marketing. It’s all about earning trust, credibility, interest, usability, and relevance. Just because you aren’t peddling a shiny new product or service doesn’t mean you don’t have to persuade. A sale certainly does take place.

The best way to think about the journalism sales transaction is to break it down into four significantly overlapping categories: journalist to reader, publisher to reader, publisher to advertiser, and advertiser to reader.

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  3. I tend to use pr dot com, all press releases give a pr 2+ every quarter

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