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Monday, Feb. 12, 2007 at 11:28 am

Poor Conversions? Discover Great Products Descriptions

By Anthony Garcia
February 12th, 2007

EarbudsHave you ever soaked in Songs in the Key of Life sitting smack dab in front of two delicious $5000 studio speakers?

Ever since that experience, whenever I listen to Stevie Wonder on any other set of speakers, my ears are bombarded with mush; like the difference between a crispy HDTV and a fuzzy old time TV. The only thing that comes close is listening to Mr. Wonder on a pristine set of headphones.

For two years I have endured those horrible white ear buds that came with my iPod. Having had enough, I set out to grab a decent set of cans (‘headphones’ to those not in the know).

Without boring you of the details of my hunt (that’s another whole lengthy article), I ending up narrowing the search to the Sennheiser HD 280, I arrived at this decision with absolutely no help from any site that was actually selling them.

Retailers are missing incredible opportunities to sell more product. All they would need to do is simply commit to writing better product descriptions, descriptions that would not only help prospects make a buying decision, but actually lust after products. It can be done.

On my hunt some sites did better than others. You can always count on to do a decent job, especially when you compare it to the product copy at But seems to have at least one great writer on the payroll. My question: why isn’t this blog post at part of the product description? Why not unleash this writer on more product descriptions?

So many clients come to us wanting to find some sort of conversion magic, some technical trick or design tactic that will increase conversion. It seems that most want to ignore that fact that their flimsy product descriptions are fueling buying apathy. So many are willing to invest big cash on a new site design or back end technology, but so few are willing to invest in brilliant writers, or even educate their existing writers.


When was the last time a product description had you drooling?

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Comments (4)

  1. I totally agree. On so many sites, it’s amazingly tough to get a clear product description, and to know which, if any, product to buy.

    As a copywriter, I try to be much clearer–but in general I’m hired to write press releases much more often than catalog copy.

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  2. I Love the way you’ve written and I can’t cast stones when I consider how poorly my own product descriptions are and how bad my own site is. However, the copy for the Sennheiser HD 280 strikes me as pure braggadocio. It’s horrible in my humble opinion.

    Did you really want the “most significant” offering of “circumaural headphone”?

    Tom Rumbaugh,

  3. [...] of shoppers want…better imagery, more product descriptions and details.” Anthony Garcia made a similar point on Grokdotcom: “It seems that most (retailers) want to ignore that fact that their flimsy [...]

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