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Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007 at 5:44 pm

GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons Really Cares

By Robert Gorell
February 13th, 2007

Bob Parsons, CEO, CEO Bob Parsons is no stranger to controversy, but one thing’s for sure: he’s not afraid of your feedback.

On his Hot Points blog, Parsons has anchored himself in a stream of apple-polishing praise, tepid commentary, thoughtful suggestions, and downright nasty personal attacks–all because of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ads.

Recently, he blogged about their all “GoDaddy Girl” page. After one particularly scathing comment, Parsons countered with genuine diplomacy, thanked the guy for his input, and asked a follow-up question. Rather than answering Bob, the lambaste got even more personal (and stupid). What did Bob do? He responded in the armchair critic’s own language. Well tended, sir.

Why’s this remarkable? Because Bob finds value where others might find only noise. He cares.

Last week, GrokDotCom critiqued GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad. Although it wasn’t an attack, it was personal – as was the comment I left on his blog. Hot Points is moderated, but Bob kept my contentious post. He thought about it.

Here’s what Parsons has me pondering:

“Everybody wants to work in marketing.” That’s what the spokesman said after he closed the door to our fictional, out-of-control marketing department. It was a double entendre. In one sense he meant that the marketing department certainly is a fun place to work. But in another sense, he was talking to all those self-appointed “marketing experts” who year-after-year go out of their way to tell Go Daddy how to sell its products.

That’s reassuring. I hoped it was a double meaning for exactly that reason. But now it turns out I’m their target twice over: male, self-appointed marketing expert.

Bob knows I hate the commercial, even if I do love-to-hate it. But what works is what matters, and this is the second time I’ve blogged it in a week. See how transparency can disarm critics and yield profitable insights? Bob does.

With all the talk of ‘radical transparency,’ it’s good to see at least one CEO who isn’t afraid of it. (Nor does he fear bison, apparently.)

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Comments (11)

  1. Help; I am new to web working and have registered with Godaddy. Now I cant seem to access their site to manage my site??? I get 302 switched? to something I dont wish to see no matter what I do. Do you have a suggestion or a work around? How do I contact Godaddy to resolve this issue? My site seems to work OK but I want to add to it or enhance it some how.

  2. Go ask Bob Parsons on his blog. I’m sorry, but that’s the point. Either that, or you can try their customer service. Word on the street is they pay them double the going rate. So, despite what you may have heard elsewhere, you’re likely to have a good experience.

    Please be sure to let us know how it goes…

  3. Bob Parson Is A Rip Off

    He is worst than Bill Gates!
    He has to constantly steal Intellectual Property from all of his costumers!

  4. Gary, that’s a big claim. Would you care to clarify? I’d also be curious to know if you’ve voiced your concerns on Bob’s Hot Points blog.

  5. Well I know one thing for sure, Their support sucks.
    In ther help center they providing coding information which is wrong. I have written a whole application and when I uploaded it doesnt work.

    I am sending to the support team the error by an example to show them that their coding examples are wrong and they are telling me they do not provide coding assistance.

    I have written more that four emails the past to days and I keep getting …. “Please let us know if you can assist you in any other way”.

    Does Mr. Bob Parson knows what goes on in his company and what his support dept is all about ?

    I have been a developer for over 20years and be sure I wont be proposing even to my worst enemy.

  6. Sotiris,

    It’s interesting to see how many have voiced a problem with GoDaddy’s business fundamentals. What I find remarkable is his willingness to put himself out there by blogging, which is rare among CEO’s at his level. That being said, I’m not a GoDaddy customer, so it’s quite possible there are disconnects I’m not seeing.

    Thanks for sharing…


  7. Does anyone know how to get a hold of Bob Parson’s office? I have a special project I want to discuss with him.

  8. GoDaddy has provided simplistic, scripted, entirely ineffective answers to my inquiries regarding a GoDaddy problem that is quite literally costing our firm $100,000 per day. GoDaddy is filtering out any incoming emails that contain the words verticalresponse, since verticalresponse has been blacklisted by SpamHaus. The result is that my customers cannot reply to my (tens of thousands) of email quotes that were sent to them (at their specific direction and request) because our autosignatures contained a verticalresponse hosted customer service survey link. I am losing orders by the minute, which in my business (federal government contracting) tend to be quite large. Aside from being expensive (ultimately for Godaddy says my counsel) this is ironic, in that the emails that are being filtered out are my own emails (the ones that I sent to customers containing the autosig), and they are being filtered out due to a customer service survey link. We are now getting complaints (aka customer service problems) because the customer service link (thanks to GoDaddy) is causing bounce backs and no replies. GoDaddy is filtering out emails that I do not wish to be filtered out, the fix is easy, and the best that they could do after forcing me to wade through several layers of inept customer service reps, was to connect me with the “office of the President”. The “office of the President” was a thinly veiled escalation to another customer service rep who claimed that he “represents the office of the President”. This disingenous (boderline deceptive)escalation to yet another low level employee reading from a script was the last straw for our executive team. We needed a solution to a 5 dya old problem, and we got a script instead. We have lost all confidence in Godaddy as a reliable partner to grow our business. What a nightmare. This is one big argument in favor of hosting ones own emails.

    Larry Abbott
    CEO, Divine Imaging, Inc.

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  10. One thing for sure, Parsons is very good at getting your business. However, getting good support service is like “pulling hen’s teeth.” Try asking for your money back too and see how far you get. I won’t go into details because it would fill a couple pages. Just know that I have first hand experience and documented proof that once you’re a customer then the you are not a major concern any longer.

  11. Lol, godaddy just recently became a joke for me and until I hear form Bob himself i am done with them and will continue to blog about it.

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