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Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007 at 4:00 pm

Search Engine Marketing and the 2008 Election

By Anthony Garcia
February 14th, 2007

All politics aside, observing the 2008 US Presidential election from a marketing perspective alone will be quite fascinating.

How effective will the candidates be at using the the web and all it’s mojo? techPresident is a blog set up to do just that, check out this post about how the current candidates are utilizing (or not) Google Pay Per Click (PPC).

It’s time all candidates recognize the power of search to drive highly-targeted traffic to their fledgling websites. Get cracking, everyone! We’re watching.

We’ll be watching as well, and I am sure we can find a few great lessons to share with you about online persuasion.

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  1. [...] Major thanks go to Grokdotcom for introducing me to techPresident, a well-written, oft-updated blog tracking how the 2008 candidates are using (or, in far too many cases, not using) the web in their campaigns.A fantastic overview of emerging trends can be found here. Some interesting tidbits from the post: Four Republicans (Romney, McCain, Giuliani, and Tancredo) are using search to reach voters compared to two Democrats (Vilsack and Richardson). 57% of the announced Republican candidates have purchased keywords on Google versus just 20% of the announced Democratic candidates. Republicans are purchasing the names of their opponents (i.e. Romney purchased the keyword “John McCain”) whereas none of the Democrats seem to be cross-pollinating. Although not to the same extent, only Republicans are advertising on both Google and Yahoo! search engines. Check out the full site… not only a great idea, but a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of webbiness, smart organization, and extremely well-executed overall.Technorati Tags: beyond madison avenue, advertising, marketing, election 2008, techpresident, grokdotcom                  [...]

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