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Headlines + Hyperlinks = Conversion + Cash

Posted By The Grok On February 16, 2007 @ 8:28 am In Content,Conversion Rates,Copywriting,Persuasive Online Copywriting,headlines | 8 Comments

Icon___Clicking_Heels.jpgYou want to know what to test to improve your conversion rates, right? Sure you do. Everyone does. You want to know the fastest way to online riches. And maybe you want to insert “easiest” into that last sentence. I hear ya.

Brian Clark told an interesting story [1] in his delightful Copyblogger [2]. Two guys put up essentially the same post about Paris Hilton. Guy One got a handful of “diggs,” while Guy Two was at 1072 “diggs” as of Clark’s post time. The difference? Guy Two wrote a snappier, more descriptive, more appealing, funnier headline.

Headlines. Eight out of ten people read them. Only two out of ten people bother reading anything else. Guess where you want to spend time flexing your copywriting and testing muscles?

Add hyperlinks to your persuasive headlines and you’ve got an element that moves more of your visitors deeper into your conversion process. That’s the fast part.

Do you need an IT person to make these kinds of changes? To write the persuasive copy? To do the hyperlinks? I hope not. That’s the easy part.

Give your headlines some attention. Improve them. Link them. Test them. It leads to a better conversion rate. That’s the riches part.

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