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Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007 at 4:00 am

Web Analytics Careers 2007

By Bryan Eisenberg
February 22nd, 2007

Fellow Web Analytics Association board member Shubhra Srivastava forwarded this link last night about salary details and employment trends. To sum up:

Hot Skill Set – Web analytics, pricing, credit analytics, analytically-based strategy.
Fast Moving Market – Candidates (especially at the more junior end) are receiving multiple offers and are going off the market in three to five weeks, much faster than the more typical eight to twelve weeks we’ve been used to seeing…

Check out the rest of the details in Linda Burtch’s post. If you have the skills, enjoy the ride. If you need to develop them further, the Web Analytics Association has a solution for you.

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  1. Web Analytics Careers – Show us the money…

    The GrokDotCom post about Web Analytics Careers in 2007 is revealing how well we're being paid (and valued) for what we do.  Also interesting – the salary does not change much between different parts of the country; the choice to……

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