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Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2007 at 6:44 pm

Are You Time Rich, Time Poor, or Both?

By Robert Gorell
March 21st, 2007

Would you describe yourself as Methodical, Competitive, Spontaneous, or Humanistic? Which of these terms would your friends, family, and co-workers use to describe you? Does your behavior online sometimes find you acting like more than just one of these types? Do you sometimes operate in different modes, depending on the site you’re visiting?

Over on the Lightspeed Venture Partners blog, Jeremy Liew insists that, “Broadly speaking, there are two types of internet user: Time Rich…and Time Poor.”

Time Poor people use the internet to get things done. They are very task focused, and their favorite websites help them use their precious time more efficiently…

Time Rich people use the internet to kill some time. They are bored. They are willing to be diverted and entertained…

Might this be a bit too broad? Future Now’s Jeffrey Eisenberg shared his comments on the subject. After all, we’ve concluded that there are only two types of blog readers in this world: those who comment, and those who don’t. ;)

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Comments (2)

  1. I think he’s got it backwards. I understand what Jeremy is saying but I think Time Rich people are more apt to use their time wisely while time poor people are more apt to throw it away loosely.

    Just like people gain monetary wealth by using money wisely, being Time Rich should follow along the same lines. Use your time wisely and you’re rich with time to do the fun stuff when appropriate. Time Poor people often don’t have time to do the important things because their too busy being diverted from the tasks at hand.

    But that’s just my own interpretation!

  2. yeah, i’d agree with stoney. the time available in a single day is the same. what varies is the strength of the mind. if the mind is constantly wavering, browsing the ne, the person is bound to get carried away by an interesting site, (wich may not address the reason for which he was browsing in the first place)… this guy’s time is def poor!

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