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Friday, Mar. 23, 2007 at 7:49 am

Persuasive Online Copywriting Course 4/17/07

By Holly Buchanan
March 23rd, 2007

poccover.jpgSome kids grow up wanting to become president. But if you really want your child to make something of their life, they’ll say “When I grow up, I want to be a copywriter.”

Hey, there are only so many president posts open. But according to Yahoo!, copywriter is one of 2007′s hottest professions. Thanks to Tom Chandler at the Copywriter Underground for picking up on this, by the way. If you’re a copywriter and not reading Tom Chandler, you are seriously missing out. Tom points out that a lot of copywriting money is in offline copywriting. But I’m here to tell ya, there is A LOT of money to be made in online copywriting and that trend is only going to continue upward.

Check out this juicy tidbit Tom pulled from the report:

In fact, in a survey by our company, 60 percent of advertising and marketing executives who plan to hire new employees said they’ll be adding copywriters. Due to this increased demand, average starting salaries for senior copywriters will rise 6 percent in 2007 to $63,000 to $92,500 annually. Versatile writers with experience developing content for both print and online projects are especially valued and may earn even greater pay. Copywriters who specialize in a particular industry, such as pharmaceuticals, are in particularly strong demand.

At Future Now, we’re constantly asked for recommendations for good online copywriters. We have a small stable of copywriters we work with on a regular basis. In fact, because of the demand and our inability to find really good online copywriters, we created the Persuasive Online Copywriting course.

Whether you are a professional copywriter or are simply responsible for writing copy, you probably struggle with these same issues:
- “How is online copywriting different from offline copywriting?” There is a difference; online copywriting can be much more powerful if you know how to strategically link and write for the Web in ways that match how people actually read online.

- “How can I write effective headlines and banner ads?” We’ll show you ways to come up with ideas based on your customers’ unique needs and motivations.

- “How can I create more effective landing pages?” We’ll show you ways to create landing pages with relevant messages that answer your visitors’ questions.

- “How can I create a consistent voice for our online communications?” We’ll talk about ways to better understand your company’s “personality” and how to convey that in your copy.

Will you join us April 17 in New York?

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Comments (23)

  1. It would be great if you could offer this course online.

  2. Soha, We’ve thought about it, not all the way through yet, and come up with several alternatives based on the fact that we actually have days worth of content we could teach. We’d like to know how would you envision us offering that? Is it chunked into lots of smaller courses that teach a technique or two at a time? Is it a series of 60-90 minute webinars? Is it a course that has graded assignments over a few months leading to some certificate of completion? Is there a different course track for owners and marketers than actual copywriters? Do we teach the really advanced techniques that require full blown Persuasion Architecture? We would appreciate your feedback.

  3. I’d also love to do this in some online form, and the course with graded assignments seems best to me. Online video (with transcripts) could easily cover the lecture portions, while the assignments would provide the invaluable hands-on training and feedback. Maybe start with the detailed class for copywriters and go from there? Maybe a DVD-only version for non-copywriters looking for more passive, high-level training?

  4. Thanks for considering it as an option! I agree with Frank suggestion and would like to see the course offered as a webinar. I vale feedback and hands-on training too so I would def make sure that it is incorporated no matter what method you decide on.

  5. Jeff, I really like the idea of the webinar. I enjoyed your seminar at UIE and I think you can go the same path Jared is going – he is conducting online seminars all the time now. I see it as a set of seminars which can be purchased individually or all together for a discount.

  6. Dmitry, thanks forsaying that about our seminar. UIE has done a great job at extending delivery of seminar material online. It’s not an easy thing to do. Things worth doing are usually not easy though.

  7. You can add me to the list of those interested in a web-based course. Alternatively, maybe just rotating cities would help. Example: It is inexpensive for me to get to Chicago or St. Louis, but it is expensive for me to get to New York. Just a thought.

  8. Our challenge for multiple cities is the costs as well. Web based isn’t as intimate but has advantages.

  9. Please add me to the list of voices calling for a web-based course. I like the idea of a high-level DBD for beginners, and a more interactive course for more advanced participants.

  10. Ktyner – I’ll add you. Here’s the tough question: what should we charge? The extended course with grading is time intensive.

  11. Jeffrey…

    As a fellow alumni of the Wizard Academy, why not use their “educational platform” and coordinate it with Roy?

    You would get the value of the campus, credibility and certification offered through the “Harvard of the Southwest”.

    In addition, you could use video projection to conduct the course while not having to travel outside New York. Austin, Texas is about half way from everywhere in the US…with ample accommodations and easy access. This would make the travel expenses much less for everyone and perhaps Roy would coop the use of the Academy Campus in exchange for the many copywriters who would become acquainted with the Academy.

    Just some “off the cuff” thoughts.


  12. Paul, It is under consideration but they have the same isssues we do about production, distribution, maintenance and certification of completion. The one huge advantage is the location if we did the trainings live.

  13. Jeffrey,

    Please add me as an interested party for an online version of your course.


  14. Jeffrey,

    A good general rule of thumb for web-based courses is 1/3 of the price for a live, in-person course.

    I hope this helps, thanks for adding me!


  15. Record the April 17 session, add some workbooks, and turn it into a home-study dvd package.

  16. I provide English copywriting services over here in Israel to Israeli businesses. I’d love to be able to upgrade my skills, but as you can imagine, there aren’t many courses available here. A webinar would be a great solution, especially since I won’t be in NY any time soon!

  17. I would also be interested in an online course.

  18. Krishna, Thanks for your comment. We’re not even sure what to charge for the follow up course work. It’s harder to mark up and comment on homework than to teach a 3-day class, BTW, three days is what it should be.

    Peter, I wish it was that easy. People do that. We won’t. The quality has to be right for people to learn from it.

  19. I would be interested in an online course too. I am in!

  20. I would also be interested in an online course. Thanks!

  21. Wow, first of all, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one interested in an online course. I agree with Jeffery that the quality has to be right and I’m not a big fan of a home-study dvd package. I want the hands-on learning and coaching. I hope providing this course online doesn’t take too much time because I’m so eager to take it!

  22. Would also love an online version of the course!

  23. Hello
    I live in the heart of the rocky mountains.
    but that doesn’t mean copy is not important. New York is out of the question. Online my dear friends online.

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