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Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2007 at 2:42 pm

Are You a Certified A$$hole?

By Jeffrey Eisenberg
March 27th, 2007

The No Asshole RuleNo, I’m not trying to be offensive.

I’ll let Guy Kawasaki explain – ARSE: The Asshole Rating Self Exam

Here are some of Guy’s observations.

In case you’re wondering, I scored a two. I hope my co-workers agree. What did you score?

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Comments (14)

  1. I scored a 2. No wonder we get along.

  2. I scored a 4, and I only work with myself… I must suffer from minor self loathing….

  3. I was particularly interested in the wording of the questions. Some were more subtle, some more blatant. I bet if you worded the quesetions differently – still getting across the sentiment, but with less of an obvious “You are an arrogant you know what” if you answer “yes” – the scores would be higher.

    Though I have complete confidence, Jeffrey, you would remain in the “low scoring” column.

    What was that question about buttering up your colleagues??



  4. The question was, “What did you score, Holly?”

    I scored a one, which means I’m either a liar or I’ve gotta do a better job undermining my co-workers. (What’s Holly’s deal, Jeff? Can’t she answer a simple question?) ;)

  5. The site did not work for me, but I have the feeling some of co-workers may think I’m studying very hard for the exam (been one of those weeks). ; )

  6. David, Don’t study too hard ;-) I think the people who are worried about taking the test are for the most part not the ones the test was intended for.

  7. I work for Guy Kawasaki. Thanks for the links to his ARSE blog posting!


  8. Mary-Louise,

    It’s not just the blog, it has excellent content, it’s also Guy and his organization that don’t take anything for granted. You deserve the success you have. You are welcome!

  9. What’s next? “How to Win Friends And Influence People”?

  10. Paul: Great suggestion! We love that book… Here’s a link. Did you happen to take the test?

  11. That’s the point. Read it back in junior high. That test is for suckers.

  12. Paul: Thanks for clarifying.

  13. So you were you serious about that book or just setting me up for a little backstabbing?
    I still maintain the test is for freshmen in Management 101. One can put any spin on it and use it for labeling anyone an a$$hole. So call me a “certified a$$hole” and I’ll call you a certified sucker. I’ll make up a test even based on questions like “do you try to label yourself or other people based on obscure questionnaires”? Yes? OK, you’ve already scored 1 on my “certified sucker” (TM) scale. Take the whole test please, you might score even more! Don’t forget to share the results with the class, kids.
    P.S> Advising marketers to buy Dale Carnegie on Amazon for $10 bucks (or a copy of the Bible for that matter) is laughable.
    P.P.S. The authors asked for a feedback — they got it.

  14. Paul: Actually, you were the one who brought up Dale Carnegie’s book in a mean-spirited and back-handed context. I was wondering if you really were being ironic while failing to see the irony in full. Which, for me, is exactly what you clarified when you called everyone who’s responded to this post “suckers.”

    Is it possible you’re taking this test more seriously than we are?

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