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eMarketer: “Few Convert at Retail E-Commerce Sites”

Posted By Robert Gorell On April 9, 2007 @ 5:43 pm In Call to Action,Conversion Rates,Research,e-commerce | 16 Comments

Ah, yes… Spring is here (well, mostly). It must be time for some new E-Commerce Conversion Rate numbers!

Okay, so maybe it’s not that exciting. eMarketer has the scoop [1]:

Online merchants convert an average of 2%-3% of their site visitors into buyers, according to the e-tailing group‘s “Sixth Annual Merchant Survey.”

That’s about the same as last year. And the year before that.

The group says that driving the right customers to sites and increasing sales and retention all require more targeted tactics every year. It points to analytics and data mining as the way to make this happen.

Fair enough. But as Future Now’s Holly Buchanan points out, data can only tell you WHAT visitors do, not WHY they do it [2].

Year-after-year, our ability to capture and report data has gotten better and better. Why, then, are Conversion Rate averages still down overall since their tepid peak of 3.2% in 2001?

Would a 24.5% CR by any other name smell as sweet?

Or, better yet, while so many sites convert so poorly, why is ProFlowers.com [3] leading the pack at 24.5%? That’s 10X the industry average!

What’s their secret? Aside from having a great product–which never hurts–ProFlowers routinely looks beyond the data in order to provide a better customer experience.*

So, does this say more about ProFlowers or the sad state of online marketing in general? We’d love to see your comments…

As for eMarketer, they seem to agree that “retailers with industry-leading conversion rates are doing more than just looking at numbers.” Says eMarketer Senior Analyst Jeffrey Grau:

Online retailers who go beyond using traditional Web analytics data to truly understand their customers’ intentions, perceptions and concerns will be rewarded with higher conversion rates.

If you’d like to look beyond the data for real-world insight into how to improve online conversion and customer loyalty, please join us next week in New York City for our Call to Action [4] and Persuasive Online Copywriting [5] seminars.

Wouldn’t it be great to see your site’s name on that list once next spring rolls around?

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