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Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2007 at 11:29 am

Building a Foundation for Customer Focus

By Anthony Garcia
April 11th, 2007

Brian Clark at Copyblogger can always be counted on to offer practical, easy to implement advice regarding copy. His post last week entitled “A Simple Four-Step Strategy for Developing Content That Connects” is no exception.

Here’s a sample:

The key is to cover all the bases when it comes to the different learning styles of the audience. Let me elaborate on that point a bit.

One way in which otherwise quality content fails to satisfy the needs of much of the prospective audience is by failing to address different learning styles. Moreover, failing to properly structure the different approaches to communicating information will leave many of your readers confused and your content in shambles from a flow perspective. Read the entire post…

Brian continues the post offering details on the “four learning styles” (‘innovative,’ ‘common sense,’ ‘analytic,’ and ‘dynamic’) and then gives a simple framework for addressing each in your copy.

If you’re new to using these types of copywriting methods to increase conversion, we strongly encourage you to take Brian’s advice. You’ll be delighted with the results.

Brian’s framework is a rock solid head-start in building a more robust persona set. So, if you see results with his method, how much further would customer personas take you in your optimization efforts?

(Editor’s note: For a first-hand education on writing for personas–and different learning modes–as they relate to your website, consider joining us in our Brooklyn office on April 17th for the Persuasive Online Copywriting workshop.)

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  1. Mmmm. I recently tried again with all this “tell them a story” and “different personalities” and “talk about the benefits rather than the features” and so on. Conversions dropped through the floor again.

    Seems to me if selling software, just tell em the damn features, that’s all they want to know.

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