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Wednesday, Apr. 11, 2007 at 1:10 am

How to Convert a Visitor in Under 8 Seconds

By Bryan Eisenberg
April 11th, 2007

As you might imagine, I evaluate a lot of websites every day. Most of them do a lousy job of persuading visitors. One of the keys to persuasibility is having a product that’s so obviously superior that if everyone knew what the CEO knew, they’d buy it.

Most businesses we help have a really good product/service, but many can’t figure out the unique value or aren’t persuaded themselves. Unfortunately, there are businesses beyond help simply because they have a lousy product/service and all they have to compensate is a lot of marketing. Marketing only accelerates the inevitable–and, especially these days, the speed of word-of-mouth will catch up with your business one way or another.

Lifelock CEO Gives his Social Security NumberYesterday, LifeLock CEO Todd Davis had me pulling out my credit card in 8 seconds flat and sharing the site and LifeLock service with several others. Todd’s trick: mastering the first mental image.

Everything about the site conveys confidence and, to top it off, Todd’s so sure about his product’s value, he gives you his social security number right from the get go! Check out LifeLock for yourself.

I just wish the “hero images” didn’t rotate as quickly. Also worth noting is how simple and persuasive the copy is (even though this took a second click to find):

You can be absolutely positive our identity theft product and service solutions will keep your name and private information secure.

We’re so confident in our services, our CEO regularly publishes his real Social Security number and he’s perfectly comfortable with it. Why? Because he knows that we have Guaranteed his Good Name.

Reporters have asked the CEOs of the other supposed identity theft protection companies if they will disclose their Social Security numbers in public. None has to date. That should tell you something.

How confident are you in your product/service? Is your First Mental Image as strong as LifeLock’s?

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Comments (12)

  1. I agree with you. I wish the copies on the top didn’t rotate so fast. Other than that, I was impressed by how persuasive the website was.

  2. When Bryan showed it to me I signed up immediately. I wasn’t in the market for the service but I was concerned. The CEO’s challenge to his competitors is priceless.

  3. My page only makes a strong impact when I am successful in driving relevant traffic. The headline they see when arriving at my landing page? “THE ANTIDOTE”

  4. [...] Je n’avais que rarement trouvé un aussi bon exemple pour illustrer le marketing de la persuasion appliqué au emarketing. Il s’agît de LifeLock que Grokdotcom décortique… En effet, la première chose à laquelle vous devez penser si vous souhaitez améliorer de manière significative votre taux de conversion en dehors d’un achat de trafic ciblé, c’est ce que l’on appelle la première impression mentale! [...]

  5. [...] post that illustrate the power of a good first mental image.  You may remember the post about how to convert a visitor in under 8 seconds. A strong mental image is achieved by choosing the best copy perspective for your message.  Did [...]

  6. [...] phrases et votre première image (s’il y en a une). Nous avons écrit plusieurs posts sur comment convertir un visiteur en moins de 8 secondes. Une forte image mentale est assurée par le choix de la meilleure mise en perspective de votre [...]

  7. Agree, Thanks for share.

  8. Nice Article, I never thought before, It’s very useful. Thanks

  9. Nice Article,Thanks.

  10. [...] post that illustrate the power of a good first mental image. You may remember the post about how to convert a visitor in under 8 seconds. A strong mental image is achieved by choosing the best copy perspective for your message. Did [...]

  11. I never knew it could happen in under 8 Seconds..this amazes me still how fast it is. Still, it boils down to the product that as you have mentioned must be superior

  12. Great article! I’d also recommend huge headlines, big pictures and striking call-to-action buttons for the homepage. In one blink of an eye, people need to know why they’re on this page, what it’ll do for them specifically and what they should do next!

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