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Friday, Apr. 13, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Before You Can Test Copy, You Have to Know What to Write

By Holly Buchanan
April 13th, 2007

If you have a pulse, you’ve likely gotten word of the new Google Website Optimizer. (If you don’t have a pulse, please consult a physician, not a consultancy.) For those who haven’t heard, Google has made testing to improve conversion easier than it’s ever been with its free Google Website Optimizerâ„¢ tool. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that, while it will make testing easier, it can’t help you write the copy you’ll eventually test. Sure, you can test different headlines, but how do you come up with the headlines in the first place? You can test copy in your Calls to Action, but how do you come up with the verbiage that will get the best results? You can test landing pages, but how do you know how to structure the copy on those pages?

Our Persuasive Online Copywriting seminar will give you the answers to all of the above and more. Want to write more effective product pages? Want to know how create a voice for your website? Do you want to have so many persuasive copy ideas you never run out of great new material to test? Join me April 17th in Manhattan for this hands-on, interactive course and workshop.

For anyone who’s ever sat down at a screen and had no idea where to start, this course is for you. You’ll love the results you’ll get with your new online copywriting skills and ability to generate never-ending ideas. Your boss will love the results. You will gain new respect around the office. You will get promoted. You will earn more money. You’ll probably end up ruling the free world. You’ll even learn how not to annoy your online visitors with hyped-up claims about your product or service! ;)

Okay, so maybe we can’t promise that you’ll get promoted or take over the world, but persuasive online copywriters are seriously in demand. (It’s good to be wanted.) Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or an executive hoping to improve your site’s ability to sell without over-selling, we’ll help you unravel the mysteries behind:

  • How writing for the web is different from other mediums
  • How to understand your audience
  • Writing for diverse customer segments
  • Writing for the screen and formatting for maximum readability
  • How to set a voice and tone that engages your visitors and helps them take action
  • Writing effective navigational buttons and links
  • How to write more persuasive product descriptions
  • How to ensure your copy is found in the Search Engines

I’d love to see you there. We have purposefully kept the class size small so you can get individual attention, so reserve your seat now before someone beats you to it.

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  1. I just randomly came across this blog. I was at that seminar! It was one of the best things i’ve done in my life. I’m not a successful copywriter and am loving it! Thanks :)

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Holly Buchanan is a marketing to women consultant specializing in marketing to women online. You can read her blog at She is the co-author, along with Michele Miller of The Soccer Mom Myth - Today's Female Consumer - Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys.

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