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Time is Money

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On April 16, 2007 @ 5:07 am In Customer Experience,Optimization Tactics,Usability | 8 Comments

time is money [1]How often have you heard that expression? All too often on the Web it’s true. One of the main reasons people use the Web is convenience and saving time. At one time, when few were shopping online, it was more about saving money.

But that was another day–and another discussion.

If time equals money, and you could save your visitors time, then they’re more likely be happy giving you money. Of course, we’re dealing with people’s perception of time, but there are several things we can do to help visitors perceive our sites as being fast. First off, make the site as intuitive as possible to help visitors accomplish whatever it is they came to do.

But, again, that’s another discussion.

Today, I’m talking about trimming the fat on your images, CSS [define [2]], and server response time. One client of ours has made millions of dollars just because he can process all his database queries faster than his competitors (on average, 25% faster) and it’s quite noticeable. Another client increased conversions by 24% just by optimizing all images and CSS.

People want their site fast, and every day they want it faster. Remember when you were on dial-up and you felt sites were loading too slow? Now you’re on broadband, don’t you often still feel sites are too slow? The time to trim is now. You can start with this Load Time Analyzer plugin for Firefox [3] to check your website (and your competitors’ sites). You’ll see what’s clogging up those pipes. Then, go ahead and buy the book Speed Up Your Site [4] for your developers.

See ya! I won’t take up any more of your precious time.

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