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Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2007 at 6:31 am

Google Website Optimizer Test: Increased Font Size

By Bryan Eisenberg
April 18th, 2007 has been beta testing the Google Website Optimizer service for a few months now. So far, they’ve seen some incredible increases in conversion. One of the simplest test we ran was increasing font size.

Problem: Mattress Liquidators sells quality mattresses. An assumption can be made that many of the people interested in buying their mattresses might be older.

Solution: We decided to test increasing the font size on product pages.

Before:before smaller font


larger font size

Results: Bounce rate from the test page went down 7.5%. While this is not a major gain, it is significant if it reduces the friction from one segment of customer it is worthwhile.

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Comments (5)

  1. [...] Usability – Testing font size increases. Would somebody in this office please give Google Website Optimizer a run??? [...]

  2. We’ve been thinking about testing font size ourselves. Was there enough data to see any difference in the conversion (purchase) rate?

    - Ophir

  3. [...] pense en voyant un article sur GrokDotCom, sur l’impact d’un changement de taille de police dans une page donnée. Celui-ci nous [...]

  4. I agree that increasing point size on sites that cater to older people (even about 40 are older if not old ;) ) can improve the stay-on-site time. The font size on some sites is so small that the copy puts a lot of strain to those reading it on a small monitor.

  5. I just wrote about a similar experience I had where I changed the color of the internal links on a website that was recently redesigned – especially the links to the “contact us” pages. The leads from the site almost tripled. Here is the article

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