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Does Anyone Really Click on Sponsored Links in Gmail?

Posted By Melissa Burdon On April 19, 2007 @ 5:23 pm In Email Marketing,Online Persuasion,PPC Advertising | 14 Comments

My mom does! I don’t even pay attention to them, let alone click on them.

I set her up with a Gmail [1] account over a year ago and she spends a good amount of time exchanging communications with friends, family and reading her newsletters. She also likes to read a few newsletters about self-motivation and self-improvement she’s signed-up for.

firstpage.jpg [2]She was visiting with me recently and asked for my assistance to get out of a survey site she was on. I asked

how she got there in the first place and she told me that, while she was reading a newsletter, she noticed the link above the window that asked, “Are you a slacker mom? Click here to find out.” Genius!

She clicks and gets sent to AreYouASlackerMom.com; three pages of questions in a survey format without any explanation at the beginning of what this survey is, how it might benefit the visitor, how long it will take, or what the visitor will be asked to provide in return (e.g., personal information).

secondpage.jpg [3]

My mom, being patient, clicks through and answers the questions anyway. Until…

She gets to the final part, where she’s asked for her email address and name. There’s no privacy copy here

thirdpage.jpg [4]

reassuring her that her information is safe. My mom has one email address, therefore she can’t do what a lot of us are guilty of; just giving our Hotmail “spam email” address. My mom wanted to bail, but what’s even funnier is how frustrated she got by wanting to bail, not even knowing how to get back to Gmail because the back button wasn’t bringing her back!

So, yes… obviously, people are clicking on sponsored links in Gmail, but what you choose to do with these visitors after they click is what makes me scratch my head.

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