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The One Website Test You Probably Never Thought Of…

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On April 23, 2007 @ 12:38 pm In A/B Testing,Improving Conversion,Optimization Tactics | 5 Comments

What do Future Now employees sit around the proverbial campfire and shoot the breeze about? Conversion optimization stories, among other things.

I told this one to some new people and they urged me to blog about it.

Several years ago, a GrokDotCom reader emailed me and asked me to do them a favor and look at their website. They were getting a reasonable amount of traffic but weren’t converting any into leads. As I looked at the website, I realized that, while they certainly could’ve done some things better, there was no real reason they shouldn’t be converting any traffic. That is, until I looked at their domain name carefully. It wasn’t a ‘.com’ (we all have a bias for them); it was a strange combinations of words and numbers.

I asked them if they would consider splurging for a new, longer domain name. So, instead of ‘Widgets4zip1.net’ they used something like ‘getwidgetsatdiscountrates.com’ [names changed to protect the easily embarrassed]. Well, it worked. Whaddo ya know!?

Sometimes, especially if you’re not a recognized brand, having a very descriptive domain name can help. This might work for a specific campaign you have planned, even if you don’t have a terrible domain name now. Have you ever tried it?

Please let us know if you’ve ever tested something similar that nobody could have imagined would work. How did it end up? Were you successful?

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