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Thursday, May. 3, 2007

Does Verizon Pay People To Lie?

By Bryan Eisenberg
May 3rd, 2007

verizon_1.jpgAs Seth Godin pointed out in his book, All Marketer’s Are Liars, marketers are storytellers, and a problem occurs when the story they tell doesn’t match the customer experience.

Jeffrey likes to say “marketers are too often forced to make promises that the business has no intentions to deliver on.” That’s also known as a lie. Verizon may well have the most “reliable” telecom network. All those folks they show in their commercials as being part of “the most reliable network” aren’t. The ads lie!

I’m sure the marketers don’t intend to lie but it was the hand they were dealt by Verizon management. Let me explain.

Jeffrey and I just came back from a very productive 10-day road trip. After some airport delays and several hotels iffy Wi-Fi, we wanted to buy wireless broadband cards for our Macs. The money Verizon spends on advertising influenced us. We want reliability. Our Crackberries aren’t enough connectivity for us.

We went online with every intention to buy. The website team and the live chat operators dropped the ball. We didn’t buy. We’re not sure we will. It’s rare that a company’s customer service is better than their sales acquisition department.

Let me show you some major disconnects in the experience (and what they need do to fix it):

The Verizon wireless site was obviously set up to sell mobile phones, not wireless cards (open this window to follow along). Wireless cards are an added appendage. This is a classic example of what I like to call the business prevention unit at work.

Let me show you why this site is having a challenging time converting visitors. Our Persuasion Architecture process has three simple questions at it’s core:

1. Who is the person you want to persuade? In this case, Verizon has no data about me; but let us use a simple profile of a busy executive, who has already committed himself in his mind to making the purchase (I really did just want to order it online yesterday) who has very little knowledge of wireless cards. I already had my credit card out on the table.

2. What action do you want them to take? This is the macro action of purchasing a wireless card and on the micro level at this category page to choose the right product for me.

3. What information do they need in order to feel confident to take that action? This is where things just unwind and their reliability falls apart.

verizon_3.jpgAs you scroll down the page, you can see seven cards displayed. The only information provided on the page is brand, type of access (they all have national and broadband) and pricing. In my mind, the first think I need to sort out is which of these will work with our Macs. At this point, I really don’t know what else to use to judge which card would fit our needs. The price of the card is not part of my consideration because I just want to be able to connect anywhere I am and not worry about it. The cost just didn’t matter. Well, there’s nothing indicated on this page to make a Mac-friendly sort. However, at the top of the product list, there’s a link, “select features,” to narrow your phone search.” Okay, it says phone and not wireless card but that’s a small detail.

verizon_2.jpgOnce you click, it shows you a bunch of options all of these related to their cell phones and not one that would help you sort wireless cards (they could have had things like PC or Mac, connection speeds, external or internal antenna, etc.) Okay, time to close that because that won’t help any. Verizon hasn’t gone through the effort to answer the 3rd question of the Persuasion Architecture process (see questions above). What information do I need to be able to feel confident to choose the right product from this category page?

At this point, I’m left with a couple of options. I can pogo-stick and go from category page to each and every product, and hope that each product description gives me enough information that I can actually distinguish between products–and trust me, I really don’t want to or have the time to do this–or I can select a couple at random and try to compare them (not that choosing and actually using the compare feature is that intuitive).

verizon_6.jpgSomehow, I pulled up the Compare page with two cards and was prompted into a live chat. I almost always close these down right away but, today, I wanted to buy and I knew the website wouldn’t be helping me anytime soon.

I give Wes, my live chat agent, a lot of credit. He spent a lot of time with me even though he obviously was not given the ammunition to help someone armed with any real questions. In the end, Wes explained this was a new group (haven’t they been selling these cards for a while now?) and wasn’t going to be trained until sometime later this month and wasn’t given any additional information beyond what was on the website. How reliable do I think Verizon is now?

Check out the transcript of the chat below:

A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with Wes

You: trying to figure out which card would work best with a mac

Wes: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?

You: yes which card works on the mac

Wes: The PC 5750 is the newest of the REV A cards to give you great Broadband access on your lap top. With a network of download speeds of 450-800 kbps this card will give you great access to your email and office applications. With the VZAccess Manager you can manage your applications, emails, and instant messaging very easily. This card comes with a high performance hinged antenna and an external antenna connector to boost signal strength and improve connectivity. The PC 5750 is both Windows Vista and Mac Compatible. How does that sound?

You: what does this VZAccess Manager do – why do I need it?

Wes: I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.

Wes: It allows you to sync with programs such as Outlook.

You: I don’t understand – doesn’t the card just give me a signal and then I can use my own programs on my laptop

Wes: Yes, it does.

You: so then what extra is the manager do

Wes: It is provided for someone that does not have a program for that.

Wes: Not everyone has many programs.

You: but how does it synch email? will it just work with my outlook

Wes: I would suggest contacting our Technical Support Department at 888.233.4813 for more guidance.

You: can’t you help me I want to buy one today and don’t have the time to go through tech support

Wes: I do not have access to the information you desire.

Wes: This is a technical issue.

You: I am looking to buy two of them

You: why is the WHAT the software is good for a technical issue

Wes: You’ll receive free Back-Up Protection so you never have to worry about losing your phone’s contact list. As a My Account member, Back-Up Protection will let you automatically retain a copy of your saved phone numbers to a secure website, so they’re always available if you lose or upgrade your phone.

Wes: It just is.

Wes: I am not sure what all it can do.

You: I am sorry it doesn’t make sense to me I don’t feel comfortable buying if I don’t understand what it is for – is there somewhere else online I can read about it

Wes: I know it syncs Outlook.

You: synchs outlook with what?

Wes: That is what I am saying.

Wes: With your handset.

Wes: I have been looking online and do not see a description of what all it is capable of.

Wes: This is something Technical Support has knowledge of.

You: what handset? this is for my laptop to have wireless signal – is there someone else who may know more?

Wes: Yes, Technical Support.

Wes: I already told you that.

Wes: If I knew, I would tell you.

You: I can’t believe I have to work this hard to buy 2 wireless cards – I want to order online now I have to wait to tech support and I am not convinced this is a tech support issue

You: oh I know you would

Wes: I am simply trying to help you get the information.

Wes: Then do not call.

Wes: It is your choice.

You: is there someone else on your team that has more knowledge of these cards

Wes: Not that I am aware of.

Wes: I have asked everyone on my row.

Wes: They say the same thing.

You: I am just shocked that is all the information you have, I am sure people must have lots more questions about the cards

Wes: They do.

Wes: I try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Wes: But if it is something I do not know there are departments that deal with these questions.

You: I can appreciate that – is there anything else I need to know before I purchase these cards

Wes: We have spent 10 minutes discussing the question. If I knew don’t you think I would have told you 10 minutes ago?

Wes: It is what you use to connect to the net.

You: no I am asking any other questions other than the software – any considerations I should have before I choose one card or another

Wes: That is what someone just told me.

Wes: You say you have a Mac right?

You: yes

Wes: Alright.

Wes: One moment.

Wes: The PC 5740 PC Card is a great air card that will offer you nice features. The 5740 offers you download speeds of 400-700 kps and with wire-free and cable-free it offers you laptop the ability to go where you go. The 5740 offers both Broadband and National Access and gives you VZAccess for easy connection management. How does that sound?

You: what is the difference between the 5750 you mentioned earlier and this one

Wes: That is also Mac Compatible.

Wes: The KPC650 card utilizes our VZAccess manager which serves as a focal point for all of your internet connection needs. Using BroadbandAccess the KPC650 operates with typical download speeds of 400?700 kbps and bursts up to 2.0 Mbps. It also features an adjustable antenna which can be angled for optimized reception.

Wes: That card is also Mac compatible.

You: the 5740 is 9.99 and the 5750 is 59.99 is there any real difference besides the price. I am willing to spend more if it makes sense to – quality of connection matters to me most

Wes: The 5750 is a faster card.

Wes: Maximum download speeds burst to 2Mbps (with typical data speeds of 400-700 Kilobits (Kbps) per second, and peak upload speeds burst to 144 kbps (with typical upload speeds of 60-80 kbps).

Wes: Yes, VZ Access Manager is the program that is used to connect to the Internet with the card.

You: ok thank you for the clarification

Wes: Your very welcome.

Wes: Cards are funny.

You: and the difference between the 650 and and 5750

Wes: There is not enough information online to be full informed.

You: that is exactly the way I feel :-)

Wes: The 650 has an external antenna.

You: can I ask a side question – do they train you with more info than what appears on the web or just that.

Wes: Just what is seen.

You: so you don’t get any extra info

Wes: There was not real in depth air card training.

Wes: But we have training on the cards in late May.

Wes: This is a very new department.

Wes: The chat.

Wes: Still working the bugs out.

You: thanks I appreciate you being patient and helping me out

Wes: It was my pleasure.

You: have a great day

Wes: Your satisfaction is very important to me.

Wes: You as well.

verizon_650__where_is_the_mac.jpgOf course, if you go to the last card, the Verizon 650, it doesn’t say anything about it being compatible with a Mac. It is (I researched it elsewhere) but you can’t tell that from the website. Ugh!

We started out ready to but but we’re back to square one.While I appreciated Wes’s honesty the whole experience has me doubting Verizon’s reliability.

What would you do? Does anyone have any good recommendations of what will work with our MacBook Pros?

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  1. This is hillarious. All I can see in my head is the Verizon Guy standing on the OPPOSITE side of the picture in the commercial… you know the ones with the broken rabbit ear antennas? Only this time… he’s just kind of shrugging when the person asks for wireless broadband card.

    Too funny. How much have they spent on those commercials… and how much MORE would they make if they spent a little of that on customer experience analysis??? I bet that if you looked at the data… that “broadband card customer” has the potential to spend a LOT of money with Verizon…

  2. Too funny!

    Sometimes you need to ask another customer. The guy on the chat probably doesn’t use the equipment and as he readily admitted, has no training.

    I have the V640 and it works just fine in my MacBook Pro.

    I bought it at a Verizon store in a mall. I brought my Mac into the store to make darn sure it would work before I left. There was the same lack of confidence, but together we worked it out.

    The software issue is a bit confusing. You install it first, then upgrade something else and uninstall the software. Then it just works, in as many places as a Verizon cell phone.

    As a Verizon phone customer, I didn’t even attempt to buy my broadband card online. I was absolutely sure that the guy in the commercial and all his hard-hat buddies were probably out doing other things besides worrying about a nice web experience.

  3. I’m kind of shocked at how unprofessional Wes was with you. The grammar errors I can let slide, but the tone it seems like he took with you when you refused to talk with technical support is a bit much. While I do like how honest and straightforward he was with you during the online chat, I think that Verizon needs to monitor their new program closely in order to maintain their company’s image.

    And since Wes said that he only has the information that is published on the website, do you think he was lying to you about the compatibility with your Mac?

  4. I agree they need to monitor these communications closely. I was careful not to make judgment calls about tone in chat and email but it is hard to be sure. I think he probably was close to the line though. I don’t think he was lying about the mac compatibility but he probably had some new info that didn’t make the site yet.

  5. It’s funny – at first I thought Wes was an automated response system, the way the conversation was going? Now, I’m convinced he’s an outsource from another country (just check the use of grammar and language – even tone). Anyway, you stuck in there MUCH longer than I would have… Amazing…

  6. Yes, it is funny how little the carriers, Verizon, Sprint and Cingular, know about their own Broadband products. I run and you would be amazed at the number of customers that were told completely false info by the sales reps of all the carriers. We take pride in actually helping our customers get the right card by knowing which ones work with Mac’s, Vista, (both 32 and 64 bit) and compatibility with routers and antennas as well. Real humans with real solutions…sometimes a novel idea.

  7. that is a freaking joke. The funny thing about it is that I have done that before with other companies and it is a beat around the bush. All cell phone companies have their ups and downs, I love t-mobile for the customer service but hate their phones. I love Cingular rollover minutes and sweet phones but hate customer service. I have not tried any others, but I hear sprint has the best wireless network adapters. Maybe you should try them

  8. I think the chat personel was quite frustrated after telling this dude to contact tech support for his question a million times, that is what the department is for only an idiot would continue to sit there and continue to ask the same questiona after it was addressed call tech support and your question would have been answered. its all most like the chat personnel was baited into getting frustrated and failed the test but we are only human, and im sure the chatter was happy this wasnt face to face.

  9. I am very angry with this posting. There is no reason why this person should be upset with the representative. He was giving you all of the information that he was knowledgeable about and then he directed you to the department that could give you more in depth answers but you were not sastisfied with that either. Before you try to post a chat that you had and bash the Verizon reps you need to think what if it were you on the chat and you did not know, then what would you do? To answer the question, Verizon does not pay its reps to lie. We do not lie. We give you the answers to the best of our ability and if we cannot give you the answers that you need, we get you over to the department that can help you. It is not our fault that we do not get an in depth traning on each and every item and its features, what all it is capable of etc. We get trained so that we have applicable knowledge of items. That department is not a technical department. It is a presales department and we try our best to assist our customers as courteous, fast, and knowledgeable as we can. I applaud Wes because he followed the correct procedure but I see that his help went unappreciated and had to be posted on a childish web site. I think that people should have more compassion for people in the profession that Wes is in. If you cannot do the job better than someone who has been trained to then you should not have anything negative to say. Great Job WES!! Keep up the good work whether it is appreciated or not.

  10. Also, it is not a outsourcing company overseas. It is an UPSOURCINC conmpany in the UNITED STATES!!!! Shows how much you know.

  11. With regards to “It’s rare that a company’s customer service is better than their sales acquisition department” check out a great posy by Kathy Sierra:

  12. What a complete waste of my time. Like most people, I am utterly bombarded with emails every day. To take time out of my very busy schedule to read an e-Newsletter means I have great expectations of receiving information that will be [1]interesting, [2] educational, [3] helpful in my job performance. Instead I read a rant that had absolutely no nuggets of professional marketing wisdom. You delivered the same thing you accused Verizon of – a LIE. I can’t wait to unsubscribe to this waste of time.

  13. Agitated,

    I’m not sure what you’re upset about. Bryan clearly said he gives Wes all the credit (“He spent a lot of time with me even though he obviously was not given the ammunition to help someone armed with any real questions”).

    The insulting part is that Verizon hasn’t given Wes the tools he needs to do a proper job. THAT is the lie they’re telling customers. Well, there are a couple of lies, too.

    The obvious lie is that they’re America’s most reliable network. (Does this feature kick-in only after you’ve bought one of their products? Bryan may never know, thanks to their “business prevention” efforts.) If they’re so reliable, why can’t they answer a customer’s most basic–and easily anticipated–questions?

    Remember, had they answered these questions ANYWHERE on the website, Wes & Bryan would’ve never had this conversation in the first place.

    The other, implicit micro-lies become clear when you consider that Bryan is referring to Seth Godin’s book, All Marketers Are Liars (“…marketers are storytellers, and a problem occurs when the story they tell doesn’t match the customer experience”). So, there was this pre-sales lie about how good their service is, and how they will even follow you around to help you out between attempted mob hits and rock climbing excursions. (Ever see the commercials?)

    So, if Verizon’s story doesn’t jibe with the experience, they’ve lied. This lie becomes worse once you realize the lie Verizon told in the first place was such a whopper (“America’s most reliable network”) and, the experience so bad, that the chasm between the two creates total brand resentment.

    I think Bryan was too nice in this article. It’s not just that Verizon isn’t reliable, they’re not even “re-lie-able.”

    As far as your second comment… “UPsourcing“? What kind of euphemism is that??? If they’re using a third-party, they’re outsourcing–whether said company is in the US or Borneo. This comment says much more about how much YOU know than how much Bryan knows. Why should anyone need inside information like you have in order to get their questions answered? And why should the customer care if Verizon (do you work for them or this “upsourcing” firm?) considers this a “technical” matter or a “pre-sales” matter?

    Let’s look at the question: “Is it Mac compatible?” Verizon considers that to be “technical”? For a card that plugs into a laptop?? And they’re marketing themselves as the high-tech provider!??? Wow…

    If Verizon’s pre-sales team has to rely on its website as much as the rest of us, the company must really think its customers are overly demanding, idiots, or some combination thereof.

  14. Deborah,

    I am sorry that you didn’t find value in the post. It is hard to please everyone. For clarity’s sake, let’s take a step back and look at the purpose of the post. The purpose of the post is to show a real life example of how websites are not answering their visitors’ questions.

    The first part of the post showed how easy it is to design a site without taking into consideration the questions your customers are asking. If there had been information on the site that answered those questions, there never would have been a need to initiate live chat.

    Depending on which report you look at, 70-80% of consumers do research on the Internet before purchasing a product. If they can’t get answers to their questions, they don’t have the confidence to purchase.

    Since many sites do such a poor job of answering their visitors’ questions, live chat is often the only resource available for that information.

    Let’s be clear. It is not the live chat agent’s fault that the website didn’t have the information that answered the visitor’s questions. It was also not his fault that his company hadn’t provided the training or the answers he needed to be able to execute his job to the best of his ability. He was doing the best he could.

    He was eventually able to get some good information and pass it along.

    Too often, people on the front line aren’t given the information or resources they need to provide the kind of customer service their company is promising. Better website planning that takes into account customers questions, and provides answers to those questions, will lead to less frustrated customer service people, and less frustrated customers.

    I am sorry to have frustrated you.

  15. Robert, first of all the company came up with the idea of upsourcing so I would appreciate it if you would not be a smart ass about it. Secondly they train us to be equipped with the information we need to know to answer questions. Again we are a Pre Sales Specialist ( hint: it says that when the chat comes up) not a technical department. It is very hard to make people especially customers happy these days. You give them an inch and they want to take a mile. This little blog website is stupid. For your information I am employed with Verzion so it shows how much you and Bryan know. Next time keep your smart comments to your self.

  16. Agitated,

    Thanks for clarifying how Verizon really feels about its customers and would-be customers. Well, I hope that’s not the refrain (“you give them and inch and they want to take a mile”).

    So, why then is Verizon promising not just inches, but “the most reliable network” in America–everywhere in America? That’s a question for Verizon’s marketers, not its customer service or pre-sales people.

    In fact, people like yourself are the only ones who seem to be helping over there. But to say that “they train us to be equipped with the information we need to know to answer questions” is just nuts. If that were the case, Bryan would be a proud new Verizon customer–and we’d be blogging about how great the experience was!

    It was already clear that you worked for them, thanks…

    Believe me, we understand that the company is feeding you lines that are incomplete and/or insufficient. And I wasn’t trying to be cute when I scoffed at “upsourcing.” I may find it silly, but it’s still a euphemism–and one that you brought up.

    Sorry you don’t like our blog. It’s about helping companies bridge the gap between their sales process and the customer’s buying process. If that’s not relevant to you, particularly when we’re talking about things your employer could do to make your job easier, I still hope you find occasion to enjoy your work.

    At least we take your agitation seriously…


  17. I read the posts by Agitated with growing confusion. Then I Googled “upsourcing” — a term with which I was not familar. Thought I’d share the the first reference which menntions Verizon but not in the expected way. Agitated might be surprised to learn that his or her company may not have come up with the idea afterall.

  18. [...] Verizon, the folks at are definitely not waiting for their cat to bark. Technorati Tags: [...]

  19. Dana,

    Thanks for the link to that story… It inspired me to write about a company that helps you avoid robotic support (linked above) ;)

  20. The Scorpion and the Frog

    Once there was a frog sittin chilling on a lilly pad in the middle of a creek. One day a scorpion comes to the edge of the creek and meets the frog on the bank and asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog crys and then asks after, “You must be crazy, you are a scorpion and i am a frog, if i help u, u will sting me and worse do it when we’re midstream in the creek and i’ll die; How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “logically if I do sting u, especially midstream, I will die too; obviously i can’t swim or i wouldn’t be asking for a ride. if we are crossing the creek and midstream i sting u, true u will sink and drown but i die with u, and that is illogical cause we animals want to survive, plus frogs aren’t in my diet, u should check out the discovery channel sometime, if u had you’d know im being honest and plus if u know i can sting and kill you know the rest, i can’t swim i want to live, i don’t eat frogs. i may be the one your mother warned u about when u were little but now that you’ve met me, am i as bad as u imagined? probably not.”

    The frog is satisfied by the facts the scorpion presented, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

    Replies the scorpion: “I am what i am”

    Ok so what you’ve read makes no sense and u think im crazy. long story short i just started working for verizon wireless in customer service not long ago (no im not a newbie) ive done wireless for indirect companies including radioshack corp since 1999. In my training @vzw we are taught how to look out for the company and save the company money (who isn’t when they work for someone?) don’t throw stones at verizon or any company, because if they didn’t make money they wouldn’t exist or would (if u think vzw shits you) they would really shit you. Yes we are taught to look out for our companies income, but we are taught something else that holds more importance than making verizon money.
    Believe it or not. We are taught to above all be our customer’s advocate (meaning we look out for ways to save you money vs not and us making money off whatever situation is there) If you have cellular service (postpaid) you have decent credit and you weren’t just given it by god’s will. you paid your bills.
    At verizon as much Equal Op Emp as they may be, unbiased they taught me to go by the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Every company has things people don’t like, quite frankly i love my company, because i’ve seen they go to great lenghs to look out for their customers. more so to the customers that return the favor.

    In my 8 years of cell phone jobs i ask u only to consider this: don’t be so quick to throw blame, please try to listen, there may be somebody along the lines really trying to help you.

  21. [...] perles des clients dans les hotlines informatiques. Je vous propose à présent de découvrir le témoignage d’un prospect confronté à un conseiller qui est source d’insatisfaction et va faire [...]


  23. The key points I took away from this are:

    • if you’re going to provide online chat sales support, make sure your reps are trained to complete the sale with all of the neccessary information they need

    • monitor your reps, expecially during the rollout of online sales chat, to make sure they aren’t responding to prospects with arrogant comments. The arrogant comments probably came out of a frustration of not having the answers to complete the sale, so I don’t blame the rep. He just didn’t have the information he needed and wasn’t properly trained, and that’s the company’s fault. This lack of training paints a larger picture into the lack of concern/professionalism that the company’s business projects to it’s customers.

    • a prospect shouldn’t have to be transferred to technical support to complete a sale…the comment “Wes: We have spent 10 minutes discussing the question. If I knew don’t you think I would have told you 10 minutes ago?” is totally unacceptable. You’re trying to buy this companies products and the rep is responding, with an attitude of, “I really don’t care if you buy from us or not, it’s your decision”.

    In response to what other’s have written, yes, this is a rant about customer service and the obstacle of not having enough information on the site to make a confident purchase.

  24. Dmac,

    Wouldn’t you say it’s more a lack of planning on Verizon’s part than a lack of training? In other words, it seems they do a fair AMOUNT of training, but it’s perhaps not as effective as it might otherwise be since neither the representative nor the customer has the information at their fingertips to answer some basic questions.

    I see what you’re saying about Wes’s quip coming across as rough but, in a way, it almost humanizes the situation. And I don’t think In other words, it’s (DEFINITELY) not the most professional thing he could’ve said, but it makes it clear that he’s being put in an awkward position by the company.

    Instant Message is a pretty flat medium, too, so it’s a bit difficult to read someone’s tone. And I don’t think Bryan was saying Wes’s tone was unacceptable; rather, the response was unacceptable because Verizon hadn’t given Wes the tools he needs to help the customer.

    Thanks for the intriguing comment…

  25. I spent over 5 hours on the phone with Verizon being transfered from one department to the next, India, back to the States, probably logged a good 100,000 miles of traveling all the times I was transfered. All because they hooked up internet on the wrong floor of my house and still haven’t fixed it.

    Verizons customer service is unconscionable. Sorry to read of the frustration… I feel your pain.

  26. Just be glad that you weren’t dealing with RegisterFly… The new definition of worst-case-scenario. ;’)

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  29. Ha, Verizon doesn’t know what they have. I just got my 5750 card hooked up and went online to set up my account. They issue a phone number to the 5750 card (I guess it does phone into the system)and you use that to log in the first time. Get this, they are texting my temporary password to the number of my PC card! Oh yeah, they will snail mail me the temp. card if they are not successfull. Meanwhile, I have TWO verizon phones sitting here they could text message, it’s all in their computer, plus an email account……

  30. oops, my bad, they CAN text message the card! There is a menu for text messages on the main program. Hmmm, wonder how I can use that feature? Also, I downloaded and used “TCP optimizer” and it really seemed to help.

  31. Can anyone inform me if with verizons wireless national broadband service is an email account (needed for sms texting via yh messenger)available?It appears I need a yahoo account such as yet cannot get any info from there tech support.

  32. I work in the VZW webchat service myself, I appreciate the fact that you did not directly base your negativity towards the consultants. We are literally given VERY little information. We rely heavily on pre-made paragraphs, and the VZW website itself for our information. There are lot of things that even I still don’t know about our services. Even things on the website I have no idea about. We are told to sell, keep chat time low, and get good quality scores.

    To quote off some other comments:

    “I don’t think he was lying about the mac compatibility but he probably had some new info that didn’t make the site yet.”
    ~ We are not given any information on anything new. We ourselves have to come in and check the website before our shifts to see if anything is new or changed.

    “Now, I’m convinced he’s an outsource from another country (just check the use of grammar and language”
    ~Nope, we are outsourced, but here in the U.S. Bowling Green KY, and Opelika Alabama

    “Let’s look at the question: “Is it Mac compatible?” Verizon considers that to be “technical”? For a card that plugs into a laptop?? And they’re marketing themselves as the high-tech provider!??? Wow…”
    ~ I totally agree! This information is readily available to us, so answering that would have been a simple matter. What would be a more baffeling question is “What is the difference between the $29.99 aircard and the $109.99 aircard?” I can never get a good answer from that!

    I myself keep a blog of REDICULOUS chats I take to pull up for threads like this to prove the kind of drama we get, but I don’t think this call for one. Straight to the point about everything.

  33. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS AGITATED IS A Lame guy that needs to be learning more about the products that Verizon offers . Instead of being online complaining to the consumer .=)

  34. Too many companies are trying to make quick money and are not looking into the long term aspect of there clients. Companies like VZW are alway coming and going.

  35. [vent]“Verizon is the most reliable network”

    Yeah bullcrap. It’s so reliable I only get maximum of 3 bars with my usb modem and I get frequent disconnects. Also, it asks me to reinstall the hardware, so I have to re-enable internet connection sharing for it so I can play Mario Kart Wii online. How about you give me the maximum 5 bars of signal and actually prevent me from getting disconnected instead of being stingy and giving me crap? I came to the wireless because it seems to be the best option I have, but with frequent disconnects and slow download speed and everything, I’d say my best option now is either Satellite or Dial-Up. As Eminem says, “Thanks for the support, asshole.”.[/vent]


  37. I came to the wireless because it seems to be the best option I have, but with frequent disconnects and slow download speed and everything.

  38. I dont think Verizon is lying . All those folks they show in their commercials as being part of the most reliable network.

  39. That is why they always have the little wording that nobody can read on the bottom of the ad

  40. I agree, Too many companies are trying to make quick money and are not looking into the long term aspect of there clients. Companies like VZW are alway coming and going. Still I am with verizon !!

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