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Tuesday, May. 8, 2007 at 7:01 pm

Web Analytics News: Dispatches from Emetrics Summit

By Robert Gorell
May 8th, 2007

So, the Emetrics Summit in San Francisco is turning out some big news. And, judging from all the press releases being sent over by GrokDotCom’s Bryan Eisenberg, there’s a whole lotta R&D goin’ on–cloning, even? (I’ll explain later… )

At the event today, Google announced a new version of its popular–and, achem, free!–Google Analytics™ tool. According to the press release:

In the new version of Google Analytics, data is concentrated into combinations of reports, allowing users to make informed decisions about site management and Google AdWords™ campaigns. Google Analytics tracks the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives such as display campaigns or cost-per-click programs and creates e-mail reports that can be scheduled and distributed to colleagues.

Other Unique Google Analytics Features:

  • Email reports and improved clarity of graphs allow users to explore and discover new insights
  • Customizable dashboards ensure the right data gets to the right people at the right time
  • Plain language descriptions of the data allow users to take action to improve their web site.

…Google Analytics will be rolled out automatically to existing users over the coming weeks. Current users will still be able to access the previous version as well as the new version for a minimum of 30 days in order to ensure a smooth transition. All historical data will be available in the new version.

For more information or to get started with Google Analytics, follow the sign-up instructions here, visit the Google Analytics blog, or watch their instructional video for tips on the new version.

Another big announcement today came from renowned web analytics author, expert, and industry thought leader, Eric T. Peterson, who’s formed a new strategic consulting group focused on helping companies get the most out of their web analytics investment. Web Analytics Demystified, a named taken from Peterson’s bestselling book, will also be the name of the consultancy.

The company is based on five web analytics truths:

  1. Web analytics is not easy for most organizations.
  2. Technology cannot replace the need for talented professionals.
  3. Web analytics is actually a series of identifiable business processes.
  4. People, technology, and process are all required to create repeatable successes.
  5. All companies can be very successful provided they’re committed to understanding the process of “doing” web analytics.

That last point is perhaps the most important. Peterson’s group recently uncovered that (click for white paper download), “…while 90% of companies…have support from senior management for web analytics, only 16% [of companies] have defined processes for interpreting analytics today.

As you can see, those numbers amount to a huge gap between signal and noise in what companies think they’re measuring vs. what they’re actually measuring. So, congrats to a firm that isn’t afraid to ask bigger questions.

Is Emetics Summit cloning these guys?


Well, folks, we’d better keep saying good things about DoubleClick. It seems they’ve got a Bryan Eisenberg all their own. But, that’s where the similarities end. I mean, it’s not DoubleClick’s Bryan also grew up in Brooklyn… Or is interested in web analytics… Or kinda looks like our Bryan.

Okay, so maybe all of the above really is true. Still, Emetrics Summit attendees should make a point to find GrokDotCom’s Bryan Eisenberg, who will be answering questions about his presentation and schmoozing throughout the week. Just make sure you’re talking to your Bryan of choice; those name tags might not be enough to sort ‘em out. ;)

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