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Monday, May. 14, 2007 at 1:00 pm

Do Not Disturb the Procrastinators

By Robert Gorell
May 14th, 2007

Persuasive copy is worth whatever you paid for it, and then some…

That’s why ProFlowers converts 10 times better than most e-commerce sites; they know how to connect with fickle customers, even last-minute shoppers like me.

It was early afternoon on Saturday, Mothers Day was tomorrow, and I was on a mission: get eco-friendly bouquets for three lovely matriarchs, and quickly. Until…

What’s this? Even the virtual flower shops don’t have flowers?

organic_bouquets_homepage.jpgEarlier in the day, a friend told me about, so I decided to check them out first. As you can see, they let me know in simple terms that I could place my order so that it arrived Monday (today). Fair enough, and thank you for telling me right there on the homepage. Just because they’re online doesn’t mean I should expect them to have a never-ending inventory. The flowers look great, and I hear they’re reliable, but still… I felt like a loser. Not a totally unfamiliar feeling, but something unnecessary nonetheless.

proflowers_homepage.jpgBut, wait… “All is not lost!” Over at, they’re speaking my language.

We’re no longer taking orders for Mother’s Day, but all is not lost. Send a belated Mother’s Day bouquet so spectacular that she’ll turn back the clock…

You mean you’re a gift-giving time machine sent from the future to help me be more responsible and seem more sincere? Nice…

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  3. at last minute you tend to over pay

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