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Push Your Customers’ Buttons

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On May 24, 2007 @ 8:31 am In A/B Testing,Improving Conversion,Landing Page Optimization | 24 Comments

click my button [1]Please let me know the last time you got to an e-commerce website, found something you were really interested in, looked at the “add to cart” button and said to yourself, “Oh, that button is hunter green. If it was chartreuse, I would definitely click it.”

GetElastic performed an analysis of the top 111 retail websites [2]. They found that 15% of them use red as their button color. What should we learn from this? Nothing! Red is a color that stands out, unless you are red/green color blind.

A more significant finding is that companies imitate one another without a deeper understanding of context. Please don’t follow the herd. Red may not be the best color for your button to stand out with on your website. What most people associate with the color red [3] is stop, danger, etc.

So how many of the top converting websites actually use red buttons?

Take a look at the buttons of the top converting websites [4] to see what they have in common (read my analysis below the image):


What these buttons have in common is that they live on pages of websites people trust that have products people want to buy.

People over-think button testing [5]. Am I saying you shouldn’t have a button that stands out? No! As variables, buttons alone don’t get people to buy. They are tiny components of the persuasion process.

My Button Advice
1. You do need a button that people can see. Buttons must be visible so use shape, color, contrast, etc. to make them pop.
2. It needs to be obvious that they’re intended to be clicked, so you can use something like a 3D effect or shadowing to help make the point.
3. Optionally, you may include benefit statements or point of action assurances with the button.

Persuasion and improving conversion need to be about getting at the heart of what makes your customers want to buy. You may get a lift from testing buttons, so do it. However, if buttons are where you’re spending your energy, you’ll pay the price. Do you really want to push your customer’s buttons? If so, then work on testing variables that illustrate what your customers value most.

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