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Thursday, May. 31, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Category Pages Ease Shopping Frustration

By Holly Buchanan
May 31st, 2007

When shopping online, some people know exactly what they’re looking for. Some people know approximately what they’re looking for. Some people aren’t really sure.

Are your category pages serving customers in all three stages of the buying process? Are you providing copy that helps people in their search and provides persuasive momentum?

Let’s take a look at category pages. This is from a perspective of marketing to women, but these rules in this post can easily apply to all your customers.

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  1. Proper category pages are critical for easy navigation of the website. I’ve seen way to many sites that have main category > sub category > sub sub category and so forth. Talk about confusing! I always recommend the 2-3 click rule. People should be able to get to an actual product within 2-3 clicks when using your categories. Never more than that!

  2. Yes it does save a lot of pain and I think it does help you differentiate many similar things, for example there are sites that just show gadgets but there are sites that divide them as well.

  3. Easy navigation and product Comparison is a must. Also buyer reviews and recommendations is the right ways to go.

  4. It’s new information for me.

  5. yes ease of navigation always gives return customers

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Holly Buchanan is a marketing to women consultant specializing in marketing to women online. You can read her blog at She is the co-author, along with Michele Miller of The Soccer Mom Myth - Today's Female Consumer - Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys.

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