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Friday, Jun. 1, 2007 at 8:35 pm

Follow-Up Emails Can Kill a Sale

By Holly Buchanan
June 1st, 2007

Could your emails actually be costing you sales? Emails are often used to build relationships with your customers. So, how is that relationship going? Are you talking about yourself and what you care about more than what your customers care about? Are you using verbiage full of hype, cliches and vague promises?

Will Turner at Dancing Elephants talks about two more cardinal mistakes in e-mail marketing:

  • Applying pressure
  • Making Assumptions

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Comments (7)

  1. Neat ideas!

  2. That’s for true! I have a lot of experience on watching large and down in some advertising pages just to find no real information about the product or what they really do. Disappointing! And nothing to mention those committed to Job-from-your-home…
    It is time that people understand the actual truth behind the scenes. It is deserved the return to merit and commitment, and lost the sight of forger marketing and pretentious pretenders making propaganda. It is the moment for the man to return, and let the “famous stars” shining in the night sky.

  3. The new sales reality (prospects averse to another sales pitch for something the don’t want, or need, don’t understand how it fits into what they are trying to accomplish …) makes it mandatory that you start by truly understanding who may be a prospect for your offering (not easy), position yourself up as an “authority” who is here to share and help make the prospect successful, give them the information they need to make an informed decision, deal effectively with any queries (objections?), then when the time is right (and this is real important!!!), ask for the business. If you are thinking that what made you successfull in the past will pave the way to success in the future, think again. The world (of selling, buying really) has moved on and like the parable – every morning when you get up, irrespective of whether you are the lion or the zebra, you better be ready to run fast as you will either be one hungry (and dead lion) or one dead zebra. The push sell is dead – most companies don’t get it yet however. Hopefully they do before it’s too late.

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  5. Some really useful tips for not losing sales..I will be taking it on board

  6. depends if you are bombarding with sales or if you are following up with a thank you

  7. A autoresponder is great to build relationships with your customers but I find it annoying when someone tries to seal me stuff in every email,I think ifs good idea to give your subscribers free stuff to and soft sell on occasion.

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Holly Buchanan is a marketing to women consultant specializing in marketing to women online. You can read her blog at She is the co-author, along with Michele Miller of The Soccer Mom Myth - Today's Female Consumer - Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys.

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