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Thursday, Jun. 21, 2007 at 7:01 am

Links I Forgot To Share

By Bryan Eisenberg
June 21st, 2007

This thing of ours–you know, this “online” thing–is fun. Where else could I find a bunch of cool friends who are up to such interesting stuff?

Dylan Lewis launched the Web Analytics Wiki. His goal with your help is to have 300 articles in 3 months. Will you help?

Jason Ciment, Future Now’s first client, has launched a new site based on his success with search engines. Check out SEO Timetable, a 120-day plan to get great rankings.

Mike Moran, co-author of Search Engine Marketing Inc., just launched a new site and contest site called Do it Wrong Quickly. Mike’s looking for you to tell us stories of your boss or colleagues.

Mike Drew, a book marketing and publishing expert who helped us become best selling authors, launched two new blogs: Beneath the Covers and Push the Key.

Holly Buchanan & Jeff Sexton will be in New York, September 17, to teach Persuasive Online Copywriting. Will you be there? By the way, it amazes me that people get $150 for our first book, Persuasive Online Copywriting on Amaxon. I’ve seen it sell for over $1000, just because it is out of print. Please be aware that we sell an updated version as a PDF.)

My buddies Joseph Jaffe, CC Chapman and crew are hosting a panel discussion on Virtual Worlds in the Amphitheater on Crayonville Island.

Last but not least, this is not a friend’s business, but a friend told me about it. If you travel a lot and like to make sure you get the best deal, even when the price of your fare drops. Check out Yapta.

Friends, please let me know if I missed something new that you’re up to.

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