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SEO for Beginners & Marketing Amateurs

Posted By Jeffrey Eisenberg On June 25, 2007 @ 12:46 pm In Search Engine Marketing | 2 Comments

I found this excellent post on SEOmoz [1], The SEO’s Guide to Beginners. It’s written by Rand Fishkin’s soon-to-be bride [2].

She gives 8 pointers and starts out like this:

So naturally, if I can’t get one of the (supposedly) easiest mp3 interfaces to work, my hopes of understanding algorithms and search engines are pretty grim. But here’s the real rub – even knowing as little as I do about SEO, I’m kind of the resident expert at my company. I know quite a bit more than everyone else, and when questions pop up people often come to me for answers. I’m guessing that a lot of you deal with clients whose knowledge is equal to or less than mine, so I thought I might share with you what I believe a true SEO beginner knows and doesn’t know. Keep in mind, I’m simply basing this on my experiences, and consequently, all of this evidence is anecdotal. Also, I want to make it clear that I work with some very smart people, many of whom have experience working for major online retailers (the biggest online retailers there are). Read the 8 pointers here… [1]

It’s posts like this that make folks discuss Mike Grehan’s article proclaiming that “SEO is Dead” [3]. All professions fall victim to the Curse of Knowledge [4], but many SEO’s are so busy discussing algorithms and technology that you rarely hear them talk about the people who search, why they search, and how to get those people what they’re searching for. It’s a lot harder than simply getting them to a web page with a keyword on it.

The greater danger Mike worries about is how so many of these SEO’s now claim to be marketing, or even conversion, experts. They hardly ever spoke or wrote a word about marketing and/or converting visitors two years ago. As Ask.com’s been promoting, it’s all about the algorithms. What makes them experts now?

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