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Tuesday, Jun. 26, 2007 at 8:40 pm

Bloggers: Use Google to Get Links

By Robert Gorell
June 26th, 2007

Home field advantage...After 5 months of using our RSS Discovery Engine at, we’ve come to a very elegant conclusion:

Blogging about Google gets you a crazy amount of links.

Now, slow down for a moment. I can almost hear the cries of “link-baiter!” and it saddens me. So, allow me to be perfectly clear. Of course I’m baiting links. (Duh.) But here’s the point: you’re reading this. So, before you get upset about it, allow me to submit for your consideration that any post with the word “Google” is de facto link bait.

Consider the field research & analysis from our system…

Born from our staff’s collective list of 400+ blog feeds–a list that’s snowballed to include more than 5,000 interactive marketing blogs, thanks to the algorithm behind our Discovery Engine–we’ve now featured, as of the most recent publication from the last 30 days alone, exactly 248,201 blog posts, over a third of which are about Google.

Mind you, it’s not as though we go out and find each story about Google. We don’t find any of the posts; the Discovery Engine ensures that they find us. The really cool thing about this process is that the algorithm behind it is purely democratic. The way it works is that the most linked-to blog posts, from all the 5,000+ blogs that are fed into the system, get featured. From today’s breaking news, to the top recent stories, to the best of the week, and best of the month, your links decide what’s important.

Notice a trend? How many stories do you see about Google? And, without giving out numbers, let’s just say that some of those best-of-week and best-of-month posts have hundreds of blogs linking to them.

Still, we manage it. And for those who think it’s rigged because I used the word “manage,” yes, it’s slightly rigged. If I didn’t delete duplicate posts on the same topic, if I didn’t occasionally delete less-relevant posts (again, our call, but I’m mostly doing you a favor), and if we didn’t take down multiple posts by top blogs so lesser-known bloggers could get through, there would be even more stories about Google. (Yes, really.)

Of course, telling bloggers what to blog is a recipe for disaster. And far be it from us to do so. Blog whatever you’re passionate/knowledgeable about. But, just so you know, the key to frenzied linking remains: Google.*

[*Robert Gorell is Managing Editor of GrokDotCom. He was not paid by Google to imply you should write about Google. In fact, Robert thinks whatever you blog about is just fine, within reason. Although Google's perfectly welcome to attempt to pay Robert for his views, he's merely trying to show that you, not he, are obsessed with Google--which, by the Transitive Property, is just fine. Robert would also like to apologize for writing about himself in the third-person in such a ridiculously obvious manner.]

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Comments (5)

  1. It’s okay Robert. I often write about yhurg in third-person. So long as you aren’t writing about Google in first-person, I am sure things will work out.

    Thanks for the tip on link-baiting. For what it’s worth, I am not any more inclined to write about Google more or less than I do now, despite the potential benefits.

    Can you tell me, how does one get his blog in your discovery engine?

  2. Thankfully, it’s not all about Google, or the blogs would much less interesting than they are. But you’re absolutely right; as any of the blogs that blog about blogging (that’s a mouthful, but I’m referring to sites like ProBlogger, Copyblogger, and ChrisG) will tell you, readers are way too smart to put up with tactics that aren’t authentic. Not for long, anyway…

    In terms of adding your blog, the Discovery Engine adds them automatically based on where other blogs in the interactive marketing community are linking. We haven’t added any new ones since February, but we might make an exception here and there.

  3. [...] when Bloglines hasn't updated all morning.  Anyway, I used to think the answer was simply blogging about Google. Now I think it's [...]

  4. I agree Robert, because so many of the blogs are now trying to monetize their blog and even those who run for personal blogging, they also share their experiences regarding SEO and Google with their readers. Atleast on a blog, you’ll find one blog relating to Google. We all want to be on top except those who don’t have any plans to grow readership by marketing their blog. And Google is the way since SEO efforts are made only for Google hehe.

    P.S. Btw how many times have I used the word ‘Google’? :P

  5. This is really nice information, but the main issue is about how to use this insight for your non google related blog?

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