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Tuesday, Jun. 26, 2007 at 5:44 am

Your Email Marketing Sucks!* Study Says So…

By Bryan Eisenberg
June 26th, 2007

Mailing_Grok.jpgSliverpop released a new study called 8 Seconds to Capture Attention. Some of the things the study points out include:b

35% of landing pages studied didn’t have the same look or tone of the email that generated the click. For consumer campaigns, this figure was 29%, but increased to 41% for B2B companies.

Unfortunately, this happens when email marketing is silo’d within the organization and the folks sending out emails don’t have the ability to control landing pages, etc.

45% of landing pages didn’t repeat the promotional copy found in the email. Landing pages with images and messaging matching the emails that generated initial interest are better able to reinforce the brand and move email recipients from clicking to converting.

In other words they did not plan for their customer to follow the scent.

17% of the email marketing campaigns studied actually sent recipients to the marketer’s home page rather than a unique landing page. “Home pages are most often created to appeal to the broadest spectrum of prospects possible, while truly successful email marketing campaigns are focused on segmented groups based on their relationship to the company or product,” said Elaine O’Gorman, vice president of strategy, Silverpop.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful online marketing tactics. Hopefully, if you have been a GrokDotCom reader for a while, you aren’t making any of these mistakes. However, thinking about email marketing in isolation without paying attention to the details of the online sales and marketing blueprint is just a noise making, customer irritating tactic that sucks the success away from you.

*P.S. “Sucks” is a Brooklyn technical term.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to plan for the preview pane.

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  1. [...] Your Email Marketing Sucks!* Study Says So… [...]

  2. Just thought I’d post a link to The Email Marketing Kit over at SitePoint for people who are new to Email marketing. I used it when I first started and it has some great tips and techniques for maximizing your email campaigns.

  3. [...] Broken scent between e-mails and landing pages accounts for 35% of failed campaigns [...]

  4. [...] is larger than that. In another email marketing study in 2007 by Silverpop, it was found that many people’s email marketing sucked, and that there was poor messaging follow through on the website from the email campaign. This [...]

  5. Broken scent trail, for shame! Click on the word preview pane in the last line … “P.P.S. Don’t forget to plan for the preview pane.” BTW “Yo! That sucks!” is the official Brooklyn term.

  6. [...] e-pastiem runājot, ir izdarīts pētījums, ka daudziem e-pasta marketings irpamatīga izgāšanās. Mazs iespraudums, es zinu, ka esmu nedaudz jocīgs, bet es bieži spiežu uz reklāmām, lai [...]

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  8. Silverpop is the worst service provider I’ve ever had to deal with for email marketing. They put up a good show of covering the elementary functions of email marketing but in fact they have the worst user interface and work flow of any of the email service providers I’ve used. Also, they just threatened my client with a lawsuit because we want to cancel the “service” agreement. They are all smoke and mirrors. Silverpop sucks!

  9. Great information for those who are currently using badly formatted email marketing. There are many. The importance to get it right the first time can not be over looked however otherwise you just find yourself being immediately deleted if you can not provide the right information to your correct customer base. Love the subject heading for this post.

  10. umm..ok I will try this.

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  14. Indeed a good landing page is one of the major keys of a successful email campaign, however the are more mistakes that email marketers do: Heavy design, Weak “from” and “subject” lines, Long email, Absence of a permission-based emailing list, Bad frequency, Not offering the unsubscribe option, Sending purely promotional emails and of course dead links, grammatical errors.

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