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Monday, Jul. 9, 2007 at 11:17 am

GrokDotCom Is First To Be Optimized for iPhone

By Robert Gorell
July 9th, 2007

First in line!GrokDotCom is now one of only two blogs to be optimized for iPhone (the other being that of our friends at Bazaarvoice).

Thanks to the good folks over at ContentRobot, we’re the first kids on the block to beta the iWPhone WordPress Plugin:

While the iPhone does an amazing job of displaying web pages the way they were designed to be seen, often visitors want quick access to your website’s content. The “iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme” displays an optimized version of your blog’s content, formatted perfectly to fit the iPhone’s screen – no zooming in to read the content is necessary.

OK, so maybe we’ve had some fun laughing about people waiting in line for the iPhone, but it’s still pretty cool to be first. ;)

Anyone reading this on an iPhone? How do we look?

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Comments (16)

  1. Wow, that is sweet. I just checked it out. The pages fit nicely in the iphone browser. Normally you would need to zoom to read the text, now its perfect either vertical or horizontal format. Nice touch, you even have a different header just for iphone peeps. Maybe blogger will release something like this.

  2. I think the site looks pretty good. Load speeds are good on the edge network. Nice to see your ahead of the game.

  3. Nice! Alex, did you Digg it from your iPhone as well?

  4. I’m on my iPhone now and it looks very nice, but it seems to really lag my typing. I wonder if there is some intensive JavaScript slowing me down?

  5. I don’t understand all the fuss about iPhone. Why are businesses waking up now? A large share of cell phones have been phone/PDAs in Europe for quite some time. I’ve used mobile Internet (not talking about WAP here) for years.

  6. Yup, dugg it from the iphone. Majority of the time I read and surf news and feeds from my phone, love the set up here.

  7. Brandon, don’t know if this helps, but I found this post in Grok’s Breaking Buzz section about the iPhone’s Java setup. Seems like it’s fast for the other folks here. Are you viewing it on Edge or WiFi?

  8. I was on edge before, and now I’m at home on my wifi. It seems 100% better now, but I can’t imagine that my Donne tips could slow down my phone’s response to my typing.

  9. [...] Thanks to our blogging experts at ContentRobot, and their beta access to the iPhone WordPress plugin, the Bazaarblog is now optimized for iPhone! We are one of two blogs we know of that are optimized for iPhone, including GrokDotCom. [...]

  10. I think that optimizing a website for iPhone is like optimizing a website only for Firefox. I just tested it on Windows Mobile 5.0 and Symbian OS 9.1/UIQ 3. They both started loading the website but then crashed. Actually, Apple can only dream of getting the market share that Firefox has for web browsers. So instead of optimizing for iPhone specifically, I’d suggest you optimize for mobile Internet.

  11. Lars,

    You bring up a very good point. The mobile web is too often overlooked. We’re on BlackBerry over here and haven’t heard of any problems on Windows or Palm-based readers, so we appreciate it. Although we’re not broadly optimized for mobile, the site looks pretty decent in the BlackBerry browser as well as Opera Mini.

    Most phones still can’t access the web, but that’s changing. Obviously, smart phones are everywhere now–especially among influencers and digerati like our readers.

  12. I tested it in mobile versions of Internet Explorer and Opera (though not Mini, I tested it in the full non-Java version).

    Then I tested it in a Symbian browser as well to no luck.

  13. wow..just checked ur blog and man I am very impressed..feeling like working on mine rightaway :)

  14. nice indeed!!! this is what I’ve been looking for…thanks a lot for sharing..

  15. Very cool! I haven’t heard of content robot before, this will be invaluable. Thanks guys

  16. thanks your info

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