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Wednesday, Jul. 11, 2007 at 10:52 am

The 5 Worst Sites

By Robert Gorell
July 11th, 2007

Time magazine recently published their list of the top 5 worst sites. And the winners are…


Although most of these are real stinkers in terms of design, usability, or both, I don’t completely agree with their thinking. Remember

Who do you feel should be crowned “worst site”?

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Comments (7)

  1. I read one the books about, very interesting.

    Have a look at

    Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean their website must look cheap!

  2. Have a look at these wonderful websites as well:

  3. Lars,

    Wow! Those are pretty horrible–especially that last link.

    I’d been to the Ryanair site before. If you think it’s bad now, try booking a last-minute flight from on a German keyboard in an airport kiosk! I’ve never felt like such a dumb tourist in my life… kept typing unnecessary J’s & Y’s, and I was overwhelmed by the design, so I just went to the ticket agent to book find a flight (on another airline).

    Maybe if it weren’t so distracting, I’d have seen that you can select English as your preferred language. But still…

    Sometimes when businesses contact us about our services, they’re almost afriad to give a URL because they’re embarrassed by how it looks. I always tell them not to worry, and that we’ve seen worse. Besides, that’s what we’re here for!

    Still, this might be the worst ecommerce site I’ve ever seen. Throwing in the proverbial kitchen sink is never a good idea–especially when you sell kitchen sinks, which they probably do. ;)

  4. – let’s just chalk it up to a few really horrible shopping experiences strung one after the other. Otherwise add something to your cart, click to get to the checkout and be assaulted with offers for a credit card and magazine instead of finding an easy way to give them your money.

  5. No question about it, Commerce Bank has one of the worst Web 0.5 corp sites I’ve ever seen. Great bank, horrible website.

  6. David,

    Amen to that. As a proud Commerce Bank (CBH) customer, I couldn’t agree more. I love this bank–seriously. Brooklyn runs on cash, and there aren’t enough Commerce locations in the area. Although they’re growing, it still means I mainly use other banks’ ATM’s or, more often, convenience store ATM’s at $2 per transaction. And Commerce actually refunds the ATM fees! Also, they’ve got the best customer service of any bank I’ve ever used.

    Then there’s their website. So tragic…

    Quite beyond the cheesy Java script, what’s extra-funny is stuff like the Commerce “Wow Zone” that links from the homepage.

    It might seem like the link’s broken on our end but it’s not. Check it out:


  7. Not sure how this will look for those of you (the majority, I’m sure) who don’t have Japanese fonts, but give it a peek:

    About 150 text links, mostly going directly to products ranging from lingerie to real estate to wine to rabbit health products (I kid you not). Thank heaven that at LEAST there’s a daily ranking towards the bottom of the VERY LONG home page links to ANOTHER page that that let’s me know that the most popular items of the day (for men—there’s a separate list for women) are:

    #1– “Billy’s Boot Camp” exercise DVD
    #2– “Billy’s Boot Camp” exercise DVD (I thought that was no. 1? Oh well.)
    #3—2GB Micro SD cards
    #4—a 3 kilo box of fresh crab legs
    #5—the preorder for the August release of a new “Tickle Me Elmo”

    Build a demo (let alone a persona) out of THAT!

    You might think this is the site for some lame, backwater Japanese eCommerce site, but you’d be wrong. It’s the main site for Rakuten, the world’s 7th largest destination site with over $15 BILLION in sales last year (by their own report).

    While I know non-U.S. markets sometimes seem like another planet to U.S.-based marketers, I am convinced that the fundamental principles of persuasion are universal.

    Just imagine what will happen when the OTHER 2/3 of the worldwide eCommerce marketplace (outside of the U.S.) starts to pick up on it…

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