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Monkeying Around With Web 2.0 Strategy

Posted By Jeffrey Eisenberg On July 17, 2007 @ 7:26 am In Marketing 2.0 / Web 2.0,Marketing Rants,Media Optimization,Social Media | 2 Comments

monkey.jpgSteve Rubel’s post on “Why We’re Like a Miliion Monkeys on Treadmills [1]” made me smile. Bryan and I are also way too often asked questions about how to create a Facebook, blogging or Web 2.0 strategy. Our answer is similar to Rubel’s:

Surely, channels are where the action is at. However, it’s important to remember they are just that – and they change. Circa 1998, perhaps when many of you were 10, The Globe.com, GeoCities and Tripod were all the rage. They faded from our horizon over time. The same thing will happen to many of today’s hot sites. In fact, I advise marketers not to invest too much time in creating “a Facebook strategy” as much as they don’t have “an NBC strategy” or “a New York Times strategy.” Instead, I encourage them to people watch, learn and then plan based on their audience and the big picture.

The most interesting action is in sociology. In other words, how does technology change our culture and how we interact with media, the web and each other – and to what end? This was a major realization for me a few months back and you have probably noticed it in my writing, which is less channel focused. These days, I am far more interested in what people do with technology rather than on what the latest new “shiny object” is. … [read the post [1]]

By the way, I know where Rubel got that great monkey picture [2] he used for the post.

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